Thursday, 10 May 2018

(Fan)Fiction with Commaful

I've been trying out Commaful, the hyped new place to share short flash fiction and poetry accompanied by images and gifs. I'd read a few articles about it so figured I'd give it a go myself with a drabble I wrote ages ago for a prompt fest.

(AU: Harry is already a bitter child by the time he goes to school and never trusts Dumbledore.)

I was dubious but it's just as easy as everyone says it is. You just write / paste in your work, then the site automatically divides it into sentence sized chunks to go on each slide. Then you find the perfect image / gif to accompany your words and, voilĂ , one pretty slide show of a story!

As soon as it's published you're given the option to share across social media, and provided with the embed code for your blog or website. It's all great fun, and even if it's not something you'll use regularly it's worth giving it a go and having a play around with putting your own story together.

The community feel is nice too, and I received likes, comments, and interaction within hours of posting my story. There are contests you can take part in, and badges to earn for reading and commenting on other people's work. I think that's a really nice feature to encourage engagement and help create a supportive community.

What do you think?

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