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My month in fandom...


I posted a lot about fandom as a community and phenomena this month - click on the pics to be taken to the posts - mostly because they were posts I had written up in drafts and I didn't feel much like writing for a variety of reasons. Not for the blog, at least. I did write about 40k of fiction this month!

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In other news, Gotham was renewed! I was in two minds about the fan campaign because, on the one hand, you had a show like Lucifer which really did deserve another series and then, on the other, you had Gotham which - though fantastic for fandom with its plot holes, inconsistent characterisation, uneven pacing, etc - is not really an objectively good show. All compounded, of course, by the lackluster efforts from the top because the showrunners and main stars all have other projects and cash cows.

In the end I think Fox came up with a good compromise. They're going to make a mini season (by US standards) to wrap things up and give it enough episodes to be sold for syndication. It also means I have more time before I need to find a new OTP to write about.

Still on Gotham, this post is backdated by a couple of days so I'll talk about the disappointing news that Drew Powell, Butch / Grundy on the show, allegedly asked a fan he met at a con to send him 'sexy pics'. As Instagram DMs go it's par for the course, naturally, except for the fact that he's married and the girl wasn't at all interested. Twitter is calling for him to be sacked, apparently unaware that he had already had his contract terminated at the end of the last season...

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Drama aside, I'm still kind of gutted I couldn't make it to London's HVFF. Lots of UK and European Gotham fans went and it would have been cool to actually meet some of the faces behind the names. Ah well, maybe next year. We are going to go to Newport's Geekedfest in August though. At £10 it's more my sort of price range!


I did a full book review for Britta Lundin's fandom based YA novel Ship It.


I finally got around to watching Gotham by Gaslight - you can check out my review HERE.


This month I've been listening to a mix of Eurodance, Motown, Reggaeton, etc - you can find my top ten tracks of the month HERE.


I watched a lot of trash this month: Unsolved Mysteries, Tales of the ER, Extreme Hoarders, My 600lb Life. You know the kind of thing. I put my back out mid month and I just wanted to wallow in misery - my own and others'!

The only new (or new to me) series I bingewatched was Vicious. I'd caught a few minutes of it here and there before, but I'd never actually sat down and watched it properly. It's Britcom gold though, and has so many classic lines. :D

In the same kind of vein, I discovered that there is a fandom for Jago & Litefoot of Dr Who and Big Finish audiobook fame. Anthony originally sold the series to me as prime shipping material, so it's good to see we're not alone in that opinion!

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