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Top Ten Fandom Podcasts

Top Ten Fandom Podcasts

Fansplaining Podcast
Fansplaining describes itself as the podcast by, about, and for fandom. Hosted by Elizabeth Minkel and Flourish Klink, new episodes have been put out fortnightly since its formation in July 2015. The podcast covers a wide range of fannish topics and features fan, academic, and entertainment industry guests.

This is probably the biggest and best known of the fandom podcasts. Find out more at

Slash Report Podcast/report was a chatty multifandom podcast with a particular focus on slash shipping which ran for five seasons from August 2011 to June 2016. Hosted by Mklutz and BNF Rageprufrock, the official blurb stated:

If you've ever been listening to a podcast about culture and wished it was a little more downmarket or the dudes would make out, or if you've found yourself watching obscure movies just to see your favorite Canadian sci-fi actor romp around like a third-year theater student, you've found a kindred spirit in us. 

Fangirl Happy Hour PodcastFangirl Happy Hour is a biweekly podcast where the hosts - Ana, a co-editor of Book Smugglers Publishing, and  Renay, a co-editor of Lady Business - get to fangirl about everything under the sun: books, comics, TV and movies, fandom and pop culture.

The podcast has been running since early 2015 and has covered a huge range of topics. Check it out at

The Shipping Room PodcastThe Shipping Room celebrates the best (and worst) ships TV has to offer. This relatively long running podcast focuses almost exclusively on US TV shows, though they occasionally branch out into ships from other media.

Find out more at

Slashcast Podcast
Originally a Harry Potter podcast, Slashcast returned in 2011 as a monthly multifandom podcast. Although defunct - it ceased production in August 2013 - the episodes remain online and, for the most part, relevant. Their official blurb read: 'Slashcast is a multi-fandom podcast made by fans of slash for fans of slash, with meta discussion, current GLBT news, fandom squee, and insider interviews with creators of fan works.'

Fandom Cracked PodcastA podcast with two therapists, cracking into fandom. The official blurb states:

Welcome to Fandom Cracked! Listen in to get insight into your favorite shows, books, and other modes of fandom-ation. We talk about everything from psychology, gender, race, and all the things that give us feels.

Find out more

Fandom Buffet PodcastThree friends sit around and podcast about their fandoms. Come join your new best friends! All the Fandom news and reviews you can stomach!

Find out more via their Twitter and Soundcloud account.

OTPodcast'The OTPodcast features knowledgeable contributors engaged in passionate conversation about topics related to the world of fanfiction. From OTPs to OT3s, from the early days of zines and forums to the modern era of Tumblr and AO3, from het to slash to whatever your kink is, we offer insight, writing advice, fic recs, and other things sure to entertain and educate.'

It's been running on and off since 2015. Find out more on the Fanlore page or

Femslash4Fans PodcastFemslash4Fans was hosted by femslash BNF Allaine and ran for 116 episodes between 2009 and 2013. Five years on and it remains the greatest source of femslash discussion on podcast.

Find out more at the Femslash4Fans Fanlore page.

The Crafting System PodcastEstablished in 2015, The Crafting System was a twice-monthly podcast about the art and craft of fandom. Hosted by Ness and Eris, it covered a wide range of topics with guest interviewees.

Listen in at Can't Talk Media.

Bonus! Some more awesome multifandom podcasts - these are either more general pop culture focused or shorter running than the ones above:

 Auralphonic - for all aspects of podficcing. (2014 -)
 Fandom, Fanfic & Fangirls. (2015)
 Feminist Poltergeist - talking about fandom, feminism and community. (2018 - )
 Indoors Women - pop culture with transformative fandom content.
 My Drunken Fandom - talking about fan theories. (2018 -)
Our Friday Call - aspects of online transformational fandom. (2015 - 16)
 Stop and Fangirl - exploring media and fandom through an intersectional gaze. (2016 - )
 Tales From The Fandom - mainstream fandom podcast. (2016 -)
 The F Plus - internet focused w/ occasional fandom topics. (2009 -)
 The Fandom Files - all aspects of geek culture. (2017 -)
 The Fandom Podcast - general fandom news and discussion.
Woman Up! - a feminist geek podcast. (2015 - 17)
 Year 27 Group - a BL manga podcast. (2015)
 Your Biggest Fangirl - discussing all things fangirl. (2017 - )

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