Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Japan Candy Box - Spring Fever

Japan Candy Box

I reviewed one of these back in November 2015, not long after the service started, and it was loads of fun! I recently won another box so Marianna and I had a go at reviewing it together. I was glad to see it's less of a 'mystery tour' today: a leaflet is included with some basic info about the candy, which means people can google the brand name if they need more detail.

Japan Candy Box Spring Fever

I gave Marianna free reign and let her pick which order she wanted to try things in. So we started with Kyoshin Green Apple Mochi, a chewy rice cake. Marianna loved these, even if they did get a bit stuck in her teeth, and after all the sweets were tested she went back and ate them all! After that we tried Kasugai Konpeito - these are super sugary hard candy. They reminded me of sugar mice, if they came in little tiny portions, and were definitely my favourite of the sweets.

Japan Candy Box May 2018

Next up was the Yaokin Umaibo Chicken Curry; i.e. a chicken curry flavoured corn stick. Marianna claimed this for her own and ate the whole thing. She turned her nose up at the Koikeya Spicy Fries after trying one though, so I ate them myself. They were very similar to Rib N Saucy Nik Naks in taste and texture. Masuya Onigiri Senbei - soy sauce flavoured rice crackers - got another thumb down from Marianna, but I quite liked them.

Japan Candy Box Spring Fever 2018

It was back to sweets then. The Nobel Plum Sour Candy was too hard for Marianna to bite into, but she did try the Pine Ichigo Milk Candy. It tasted like strawberry milkshake. The Fujiya Anpanman Egg Boro Biscuits were another hit, but couldn't hold a candle to the Sanrio Strawberry Filled Marshmallows. They lasted all of about 30 seconds!

Lastly, we the Tomato Glico Pretz. They're like the savoury version of Pocky and were really tasty. Marianna was less convinced by them though...

Japan Candy Box Glico Pretz

Have you tried any of these? What did you think of them?

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