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What I'm Listening To In July

What I'm Listening To

My Top Ten tracks of the month!

Don't Play Nice - Verbalicious (2005)

Verbalicious, later going by Verse, Natalia Kills and then Teddy Sinclair, was best known at the time of this release for starring in the Jasper Carrott sitcom All About Me. I distinctly remember going out and buying trainers and knee high socks on the back of how cool I thought Natalia looked in this vid! The song peaked at #11 in the UK - her highest UK chart position to date and probably ever, given that her career kind of crashed and burned after being kicked off the judging panel of X-Factor New Zealand for bullying a contestant.

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Taylor Swift (2012)

100% Marianna approved. Swifty peaked at #4 in the UK with this one back in 2012. For more Taylor Swift fun, check out THIS CLIP of Brit boyband Union J explaining to their junior member that Swifty's bearding doesn't involve facial hair... xD

The Model - Kraftwerk (1982)

I've been really into robot stuff this month and in the world of music it doesn't get much more robotic than Kraftwerk. Das Model was originally released in German in 1978, then an English translation was chosen as the B-side for 1981's 'Computer Love': it proved so popular EMI re-issued the single and it hit #1 in February '82. I like the original but the awkward - robotic - translation of the English version adds another element that just turns it into an instant classic.

What Are You Waiting For? - Nickelback (2014)

I've never understood the internet's hatred of Nickelback - if you're looking for inoffensive background noise it really doesn't come much better! What Are You Waiting For? may not have charted in the UK but YouTube keeps rotating onto it and I've had no real objection.

Sunset Jesus - Avicii (2015)

I love this track from the late Avicii's second album, Stories. I've played it way too much this month!

Underpass - John Foxx (1980)

Some more electro-pop! Underpass was Foxx's first solo release after leaving Ultravox, and went on to peak at #31 in the UK chart. I love how dark and menacing it sounds - it really does capture that creepy feeling of walking alone through an underpass at night...

This Is How We Do - Katy Perry (2013)

Katy Perry has been Marianna's favourite this month - probably because all of her videos are carefully constructed to be addictively appealing to kids and pester power - but as it's a step up from constant repeats of 'Shake It Off' I'll take it! This Is How We Do peaked at #33 in the UK and is my personal favourite of Perry's back catalogue.

Freaky Friday - Lil Dicky ft. Chris Brown (2018)

Freaky Friday is one of my favourite films - the Jodie Foster version, obvs - because I am a total sucker for body swap and general life swap stories. So this track just cracks me up every time I hear it; the first time I heard it I didn't even realize it was a serious release or that Brown was actually involved because, well, who would? (And because, let's face it, the reality of bodyswapping with a convicted domestic abuser is probably somewhat less glamorous...)

Frozen - Madonna (1998)

I was so obsessed with this song back in the day! Frozen hit the top spot in the UK, along with top ten positions across much of the western world, and remains one of my all time favourite Madonna tracks. There was a really cool fic based on it written for this year's Multifandom Drabble Exchange which hooked me right back in.

Gimme Ma Grammy - Katy Brand as Coldplay (2009)

My spoof track of the month is Katy Brand's take on Coldplay's smash hit Viva La Vida.

When I sing this song
You know its earnest, dull and long
And is there anything worse to hear
Than a popstar who's sincere?
So I sing this song as the band plays blandly on
But I'm singing it from the heart
like I'm a serious bloke and this is serious art.

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