Friday, 26 October 2018

Up The Rocket

Rocket Reward Chart

Ever since starting nursery proper Marianna has been obsessed with the nursery version of the school's DOJO rewards system. They have a rocket chart the kids can move up and down for being kind and helpful - or otherwise! A couple of weeks ago Marianna made it to the top of the rocket and got to pick a bottle of bubbles from the treatbox, taking the obsession to whole new levels.

To take advantage of her interest we decided we'd set up our own rocket at home, so as I wasn't in work today we spent a few hours making the chart and decorating the treat boxes. I busted out our Messy Me splashmat and gave Marianna free reign on the latter, using some old storage boxes I had knocking about. The, er, interesting sludge colour was her own choice and, apparently, is very 'beautiful'.


Originally I was more ambitious about the rocket but in the end I went with A4 size to stick on the fridge. It took long enough as it was, especially as we had to make another to use at my mum's house. I decided on seven steps for the rocket, so we could use it on a weekly basis. Well, barring any catastrophic meltdowns!

Rocket Reward Chart In Progress

Time will tell how effective it will be long term, but so far it's working well in terms of calming toddler tantrums.

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