Thursday, 29 November 2018

Marianna Q&A

Interview with Marianna

An interview with Marianna. :)

What Is Your Favourite Colour?  Blue.

What Is Your Favourite Food?  Strawberries.

What Is Your Favourite Treat?  Bubbles!

What Is Your Favourite Subject In School?  Playing in the home corner. There are cups and food.

What Is Your Favourite Sport?  I don't know.

What Is Your Favourite Hobby?  What are hobbies? [Explains - gets nowhere...] Apples. I'm making them at school. We're doing 'ah' for 'apple'.

What Is Your Favourite Movie?  Mary Poppins.

What Is Your Favourite TV Show?  Midge! [1960s kids' classic Mary, Mungo and Midge]

Mary, Mungo and Midge

What Is Your Favourite Book?  Hmm. It's... Charlie Rascal!

What Is Your Favourite Animal?  Giraffes.

What Is Your Favourite Song?  Katy Perry. I like the one where she's wearing a lollipop dress.

What Is Your Favourite Vegetable?  I don't really know.

What Is Your Favourite Fruit?  Grapes.

What Is Your Favourite Place To Visit?  Nanny Wendy's.

Where Do You WANT To Visit Some Day?  A castle.

Who Is Your Best Friend? Lily-May and Kaitlin.

What’s Your Favourite Thing To Do With Dad?  Drawing on his computer.

What’s Your Favourite Thing To Do With Mum?  Cwtch with her.

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do With Bracken?  Smooth her.

Will You Get Married?  No. Little girls don't get married. [when you grow up?] Yes.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? I want to show people how to read. [Presumably having learned how to do so herself first...]

What Is One Thing You Want To Learn How To Do?  Paint.

bear mask

What Is One Of Your Greatest Talents?  Dancing!

What Is Something That You Wish For?  I wish you could be my best friend. [Aww!]

What Is Something You Wonder About?  I wonder about my baby. [Her doll.] I wonder about whether she pooed her nappy.

Who Is Someone That You Miss?  Lily-May. Because I'm not in school.

What Makes You Nervous?  My baby, because she poos in her nappy.

What Makes You Happy?  Drawing in my drawing books. You and daddy and me holding hands. Because we're crossing the road. And we're going to the park with a roudabaout, and a see-saw, and a climbing frame. And a swing!

What Age Do You Look Forward To – And Why?  4. Because I want presents for my birthday.

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