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Jack the Ripper Viewing

Jack the Ripper Viewing

Documentaries, reconstructions, interviews, etc.

★ The London Nobody Knows (1967)
James Mason takes a wander around some of London's weirder corners, including 29 Hanbury Street where Annie Chapman's body was found. DAILYMOTION LINK (38:02).

★ Jack the Ripper (1973)
Fictional Detective Chief Superintendents Barlow and Watt (of Z-Cars and Barlow at large fame) reopen the case. They talk through the evidence and the existing theories, interspersed with docudrama style scenes set in the 19th century. The series has six episodes and is probably my favourite JTR documentary. YOUTUBE LINK.

★ In Search Of... Jack the Ripper (1978)
In Search Of... was a US TV show presented by Leonard Nimoy and exploring the mysterious, controversial and paranormal. S03:E05 looked at Jack the Ripper, with interviews from Wendy Sturgess, Stephen Knight and Donald Rumbelow. Focuses on the Knight thesis. YOUTUBE LINK.

★ Jack the Ripper: The Final Solution (1980)
40 minute documentary centred around interviews with Stephen Knight, talking about his 1976 book of the same name. YOUTUBE LINK.

★ The Missing Evidence (2014)
Originally aired on Channel 5, 17/11/2014, and explores Swedish journalist Christer Holmgren's theory that the Ripper was Charles Cross, the carman who discovered Mary Ann Nichols' body on his way to work.

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