Monday, 14 January 2019

Marianna's Doll House

Homemade Doll House

How cool is this? My mum made Marianna a doll house to play with when she visits. The frame is cardboard embossed with a brick pattern using a stencil and then painted, and the pillars are kitchen roll tubes covered in marble patterned laminate paper.

Cardboard Doll House

Inside there is plenty of space for Marianna's princess figures to dance about, and there are even working lights! They work by twisting the base to activate the battery - a task that can be a little awkward for little hands - so mum glued magnets to the base and the ceiling, meaning Marianna can easily take them out to switch them on and off.

Make Your Own Dollhouse

The stairs are my favourite feature - the door leads to a little secret room which you can only see into through a window on the front.

Build your own doll house

I love these little planters! They're those little plastic packages spare women's razor heads come in, painted and filled with miniature flowers.

doll house

I'm so impressed with the house - and my mum's patience to build it!!

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