Saturday, 12 January 2019

My Postcard (.com)

Check out!

I've been busy scouring the web for cool products this week, and one of my favourites I've come across is the brainchild of

They're an online service which allows you to design and send personalised photo postcards and greeting cards, as well as offering photo prints. So far, so standard. The brilliant thing about them though is that if you sign up with a referral code you get $3.00 free credit.

Sending a postcard costs $1.99 (or $2.99 in an envelope), so that's a freebie straight away. Then if you share your own referral code and somebody signs up with it, you both get $3.00 credit. Anthony and I both signed up and put together some memory cards of 2018. I've got one for my notice board, and have sent another to my mum. :)

My Postcard dot com

If you want to give it a go yourself here are two referral codes to choose from: JESSICAGJA6 or ANTHONYSM96.

For more like this, please click the image below:
Frugal Living with Babiafi

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  1. I seem to be going round in circles I am looking to enter the LoL surprise watch. My great grand daughter is really into lol, and it would cheer her up, she is only little buthas been really good in helping to look after her little brother. Her mum has Covid, dad and nanny and grandpa have all had it, but her mum is probably the hardest hit. So I thought I would try and win it for her as she has been really good her mum was saying.


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