Saturday, 5 January 2019

National Bird Day

National Bird Day - BabiaFi

Today is National Bird Day! In the USA, anyway. So, in honour of the occasion, here's a post about my hometown's favourite bird.

Cwmbran has two potential meanings: the valley of Bran, aka Bran ap Llyr (Bran the Blessed), the legendary giant king. Or the valley of bran, aka crows. The crow is the town emblem and, over the years, it has been redesigned to keep with the times. Naturally, I prefer the earlier versions. Just check out these strikingly angular little fellas ~

Welcome To Cwmbran New Town

Valley of the Crow Llantarnam Road, Cwmbran 31 August 2013

Here's (to my mind) a less attractive crow adorning the front of a 1973 brochure ~

Cwmbran 1973

Here's the modern logo, all sleek curves and purple highlights ~

Cwmbran Crow Logo
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Who knows what the future will hold? :)

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