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Over 200 UK Refer and Earn Offers

Over 200 Refer and Earn Offers You Can Use In The UK

So many stores and services offer special rewards and discounts for recruiting them new customers. No matter what you're into, there's a refer and earn offer for you! Some of these translate to straight up free and easy money through cashback or reward sites, others require you to be an existing customer or jump through several hoops.

There are over 200 offers listed on my Codes, Coupons and Discounts Pinterest board, and I am (slowly) working on updating this post to reflect the cream of the crop!


20 Cogs. Get £20 when your friend completes 20 cogs (i.e. offers), and 5% of their earnings for life. £4.99 minimum payout + you need to complete 20 offers.

Bank Roll Bucks. (US) Get 25% equivalent of whatever your referral earns. $1 minimum payout.

BeFrugal. (US) Both get a bonus $10 when your referral earns $10 cashback. $0.01 minimum payout.

Boom25. Get £3 for every friend you refer who makes a tracked purchase of £10 or more. Low minimum payout but processing fees to consider.

Cashback Earners. Earn 5.00 CashCoins and 10% of their earnings from purchases. 20 CashCoins minimum payout.

Cashback Kingdom. Both get £5 when your friend reaches the £25 minimum payout threshold.

Cashbacker. Cashback site for online games and gambling - earn 5% of your referral's earnings for life. No minimum payout; you get cashback paid automatically at the end of each month. You also earn points for engagement and offers, with redemption starting at 1,000 points for £10.

Coupon Arbitrage. Earn 5% of your referral's cashback claims. Plus you can earn 20% commission on app subscriptions.

EPoints. Get 50 epoints (25p) per referral, capped at 10 a month. You can spend them when you buy through the site, which also gives you an extra 10% off purchases.

Extrabux. (US) Your friend gets a bonus $20 if they earn cashback within the first few weeks, you get $5 and 5% cashback on your friend's earnings. $10 minimum payout, plus you need to have made at least one purchase through the site.

Free Daily Draw. Each referral earns you an extra 100 tickets into the draw.

Free National Lotto. Earn 10 bonus balls (i.e. 10p) per referral.

FroggyBank. Get £2.50 for each referral who makes £5 through the site. Payout is through BACS only and the first £5 will be kept back as an annual membership fee.

Gambling Deals. Get £10 when your referral earns their first £10 in cashback.

Get Paid To. Get 15% of your referral's earnings, plus a bonus 10% if they make 1,000 points in their first 30 days. Payout in BACS or redeem for giftcards from 2,500 points.

Gifthulk. Give 250 Hulk Coins, get points towards raising your level which gives you daily bonuses. Minimum payout is 5,000 HC for $5.

Give or Take. Get £5 when your referral earns their first £5 in cashback. £25 minimum payout.

Giving Assistant. (US) Both get $5. $5.99 minimum payout.

Grab Points. (US) Earn up to 500 points per referral. Exchange for rewards from 2,700 points.

Groupon. Get £6 credit when someone uses your link to sign up and purchases a Groupon deal within 72 hours.

Honey Gold. (Browser extension that will automatically find the best discount codes for various retailers.) Get 500 points ($5) when your referral makes their first qualifying purchase. Minimum payout is 1000 points, in the form of a $10 dollar voucher for Amazon US, Ebay US, or a few other stores. Not that great for UK users, true, but it can still be a useful tool.

IMutual. Earn 100 bonus shares in this cashback company for every friend you refer. £1 minimum payout.

Inbox Pounds. Earn 10% of the qualified earnings from your referral. £20 minimum payout.

InstaGC. (US) Get 10 points for every referral who signs up and confirms their email address, plus 10% of their earnings. £1 (160 points) minimum payout, in giftcards.

iRazoo. Get up to 500 points for each referral. My invite code is XEM7W8. $20 (12,000 points) minimum payout.

KidStart. You get £5 when they earn £5 in cashback. Can only be paid out into a child's saving account.

Latest Deals. This is a freebie / deals listing site that runs a reward point scheme, collect 5,000 for a £5 Amazon voucher. Refer a friend to get 250 points.

Maximiles. Both get a bonus 1,000 points when your friend earns their first 1,000 points through surveys. Earn rewards from 1,800 points.

Megabonus. Give 30% extra cashback, earn up to 50% of your referral's cashback. Good for all those super value online malls, like Vova and Banggood.

Mr Rebates. (US) Get 20% of everything your referral earns. $10 minimum payout.

Oh My Dosh! Your friend gets £1 - and you get £5 once they've earned £10. £10 minimum payout.

Paid To Read. Get 15% of your friend's earnings. $15 minimum payout.

Pick My Postcode. Increase your bonus in this free daily lottery with every referral.

Pouring Pounds. Get 10% of your friend's earnings for life. £30 minimum payout.

Prize Rebel. (US) Get 20% of your referral's earnings. $10 (1,000 points) minimum payout.

Quidco. Both you and your friend get a bonus £5 when they earn £5 cashback. £1.00 minimum payout.

Rewarded Surveys. Get 500 points per referral. £10 (15,000 points) minimum payout.

Send Me Cashback. Both get £5 - you'll receive it when your friend reaches the £25 minimum payout threshold. Payout is by BACS only.

Shopmium. (App) You get £3 when your friend redeems their first cashback offer, they get a referral offer to redeem. :) My code is yc7c5. No minimum payout.

Shoppix. (Receipt Scanning App) You and you friend both get 200 tokens, no extra hoops to jump through. My referral code is 031JVTJD. £5 (3,000 tokens) minimum payout.

Slice the Pie. (US) Get 20% of your referral's earnings for 60 days, and 10% thereafter. $10 minimum payout.

Swagbucks. Get 300 SB when your friend signs up through your link and makes 300 SB in their first month. You also get a bonus 100 SB if they add the SwagBucks button to their desktop, and 10% of their earnings for life. Redeem for giftcards from 500 SB.

TopCashback. Earn £5 for each friend you refer who makes at least £10 in cashback. Your friend gets £5, and there are usually good sign up incentives for new members too. £10 minimum payout.

Treasure Trooper. (US) Your friend gets $1 for joining, you get 20% of your referral's earnings, plus bonuses based on number of referrals. $20 minimum payout.

YouGov. (Surveys) Get 200 points when your friend completes 6 surveys. Minimum payout £50 (aka 5000 points).

Zeek Marketplace. Give and receive £5 credit.

Zoombucks. Earn up to 250 points when your referral reaches 1,000 points. 3,000 points minimum payout.

Top Ten Cashback Sites for UK Customers


Airbnb. Earn £11 for every host you refer, when they complete their first reservation.

Bang Good. Give $10 off orders of $100 or more, get a $3 voucher.

Beauty Expert. Give £5 off orders of £30 or more, get £5 credit.

Benefit Cosmetics. Both get £5 discount - yours are stackable.

Birchbox. Your friend gets £5 off their first box, you get a £5 voucher to spend in the Birchbox shop and a free gift in your next box.

Boohoo. Give 25% off, get £5 stackable credit.

Come On. (Gambling) Get £10 credit in loyalty 'ComeOn!' Points, plus 10% of your friend's loyalty points earnings for life, when they deposit £20 and earn 5,000 ComeOn! Points.

Cox and Cox. Both get £20 off a minimum spend of £25.

False Eyelashes. Give 15% off, get 500 Lash Points.

Feel Good Contacts. Give your friend 10% off, get £6 worth of reward points. My code is R2GG593T.

Glasses Direct. Give your friend £30 off their first order (over £49), get a £15 Amazon voucher.

Go Nutrition. If your friend enters your referral code (mine is HAO5SS) at checkout they'll get 250g of free protein. If they spend over £10 you'll get £5 store credit.

Hive. Give £40 off, get a free Hive Light dimmable bulb (worth £19) for every referral who purchases Hive View or Hive Active Heating.

Huel. Give £10 off your friend's first order (of £40 or more), and get the same in return. Rewards are stackable.

I Saw It First. Give 40% off, get £5 credit.

Jamie Oliver Shop. (Home) Friends get 10% off their first order (of £50+), you get £10 store credit.

Japan Centre. Give your friend £5 off their first order of £35 or more, get 100 loyalty points worth £1. My referral code is E2E12F. (Travel) Give 20 Euro credit, get 20 Euro credit when they book a trip worth more than 200 Euro. The invite must be sent via the website, please leave a comment / email me if you want one.

Le Col. Give 20% off orders of £30 or more, get a £20 voucher - these can be stacked up to a value of £1,500!

Leesa Mattresses. Get £80 with that referral link, share your own to get £30 cash for every person who buys through it.

Look Fabulous Forever. Both get £10 off.

Look Fantastic. (Fashion) Your friend gets £5 off their first order (of £25 or more), you get £5 credit.

Lottie Doll. Give 10% off, get loyalty points - amount varies with promotions, etc.

LOVESPACE Storage. Give £10 off, get £10 credit. My referral code is LOVEREF86302099.

Mankind. (Fashion) Give your friend £10 off their first order, get £10 store credit. My code is JESSICA-RNQ.

Medical Alert. Give your friend £20 towards their first order, get £10 credit. Quote my name and GB number GB329721.

Monsoon. Both get 25 reward points.

Moo. Give your friend 25% off their first order, get £15 credit. They also have a business referral scheme for business that employ more than 10 people; they get discounts and an account manager, you get £100.

Morse Toad. Give and get £5 off.

Muscle Food. Give a free gift - choice of items ranging between £3.50 and £4.50 - and get £5 worth of loyalty points. My code is JP1002110.

Music Magpie. You both get £5 each when your friend completes their first trade. This is a really cool site that lets you send personalised photo cards and postcards - for free! (Read my full review HERE.) Sign up with a referral code to get $3, enough to send a postcard in an envelope, then refer a friend for you both to get $3. My code is JESSICAGJA6.

My Vitamins. Get £5 for each friend who makes an order - they will get 25% discount. My code is JESSICA-RC5.

Northwest Guitars. Both get a £5 off coupon.

ParcelHero. Get £5 credit for every friend who signs up and pays for their postage through the site.

Pipers Farm. Give £10 off, get 1,000 Pipers Points.

Pocket Win. (Gambling) Give up to £10 bonus credit, get £5 bonus credit in return.

Polaroid Originals. Give 10% off your friend's first order, get 10,000 loyalty points - aka £8 credit. Give 10% off first purchase, get 250 loyalty points if they spend over £10. (1 point = 1 penny)

Profit Accumulator. (Matched Betting Service) Get £10 when your referral takes out a month's platinum membership. My referral code is 346288.

Push Doctor. Use a referral code to give both you and the referrer £5 credit. My code is jessica4856.

Readly. Give a month free, get a month free.

Reeds Rains. Get a £50 Amazon voucher.

Rewards 4 Racing. You both get 500 bonus points once your referral completes an online purchase.

See Sense. Give 15% off, get a free t-shirt.

SEO Clerks. Get 10% of your referral's spend.

Sous Chef UK. Both get £10 off.

Sunglasses Shop. Give £15 off, get a £15 Amazon voucher.

Sweaty Betty. You will both get £25 off orders of full price items of £100 or more.

Swoon Editions Furniture. Give 10% off purchases over £200, get £50 store credit.

Team Profit. (Matched Betting) Get £10 for every friend who signs up and goes on to start with Betfair or Smarkets. Money is paid out into Paypal on the 7th of each month.

The Book of Everyone. Give 20% off and get a free postcard booklet.

Thermishop. Both get 10% off.

TJC. Give £10 off spend of £20 or more.

TomTop. Get points towards a free gift.

Vision Direct. Your friend gets 10% off their order and, after they've placed it, you get £5 towards your next purchase. My referral code is 2689919P.

Vivo Life. Give your friend 10% off their first order, get a £10 voucher.

Vova. Both get 5% off.

WeShop. Earn various rates on purchases your referral makes over £25.

Your Move. You both get a £50 Amazon voucher.

Zavvi. Give £5 off your friend's first Zbox, get £5 credit. My code is JESSICA-R3DI.

50 Refer and Earn Subscription Box Offers for UK Customers


Bullion By Post. Both get a free 1oz Silver Britannia coin with orders of £250 or over.

FairFX. Refer a friend for a prepaid FairFX currency card and earn up to £50. Your friend will get a bonus £10 on their card when they load it with £500. My promo code is hlprr5h5.

Hyperoptic. Both get £50 credit when your friend signs up to a 12 month contract. If you're not an active customer you'll get a £15 Amazon voucher instead. My referral is email address:

Octopus Energy. Both get £50 credit when your friend signs up with your referral link.

Ria. Get a £20 prepaid Mastercard when your friend signs up and transfers money.

Simply Health. If your friend uses your referral to take out a policy they get a month free, and you get a £20 Love2Shop voucher.

Three. You and your friend both get a £25 Amazon voucher when they take out a phone contract.

Transfer Go. You'll both get £10 once your friend has transferred £50. My referral code is 3qJmxX.

WeFunder. Give a business $1,000 discount on their campaign fees, get $1,000 in return.

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