Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Toucan Box Review

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This week we tried out Toucan Box, 'creative boxes for curious kids' aged 3 to 8. Marianna was super excited to get a box addressed to her, and couldn't wait to open it and get crafting!

Toucan Box Review

We received the Swashbuckling Pirates box which contained all the materials for three crafts - a treasure map, a feathery parrot, and a nature bag. I was really impressed how comprehensive it was, right down to a teabag to age the parrot map, meaning that you could take / send the box to nanny's or auntie's or wherever, and still be sure you can use it.

Toucan Box Subscription Review

My favourite craft was the nature bag. The watercolour decoration were created by laying colourful tissue paper on foil, wetting it, then pressing the fabric down on top. I'd never tried that before and was surprised by how well it worked. Once your bag is ready there's a nature bingo booklet to encourage children to go outside and check things off the list.

Toucan Box Nature Bag

Marianna enjoyed all the crafts, but found their execution quite difficult and got frustrated with the tea staining and gluing the feathers in place. I think she will probably appreciate it more when she's a little older and can use the instructions herself. I liked that the subscriptions are easy to adapt and alter, and we'll certainly try it again in the future.

You can try out Toucan Box yourself for free with the code JESSICA-ECLI; you just need to pay £2 postage. (The usual price is £7.95 plus postage. If you don't want any more make sure to cancel your subscription as soon as your box arrives - it's really easy, just log in to your account and click 'manage subscriptions' and then 'cancel'.) With each box you also collect reward points you can redeem for prizes, from 4 for a yo-yo to 27 for a backpack.

18/09/2019 - we had a double box of flowers and dinosaurs. Here's Marianna showing off her dinosaur mask and tail!

Toucan Box Dinosaurs

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