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UK Refer and Earn - Subscription Box Edition

50 subscription boxes UK moneysavers can earn for free by referring new customers.

In the spirit of 'New Year, New Things' I've been looking for some cool subscription boxes to try out and, being a penny pincher, I've been especially keen to root out all the best deals. What surprised me was how many boxes you can earn for free via referrals - even, sometimes, if you're not an active subscriber.

Here is a round up of 50 subscription boxes delivering to the UK that you can get for free, or almost free, by referring friends and family.

(Please note that this post is doubling as a round up of my own referral links. If there is no link it's because I don't have one with the advertised friend benefit for you. But feel free to share yours and let me know of other box referral schemes in the comments too!)


Bathbox. Get £1 credit for every friend you refer.

Berg Club. Earn £10 credit per referral - you need to email BC with your friend's name.

Birchbox. Your friend gets £5 off their first box, you get a £5 voucher to spend in the Birchbox shop and a free gift in your next box.

Box of Style. Give $25 off your friend's first purchase, get $25 credit.

Christian Benedict Shirts. Give your friend £10 off their first order, get £10 credit.

FFS - Friction Free Shaving. Give free razor engraving (usually £6) and get £3 credit. You also get 1 F-List point per referral; 5 of them will get you a £10 H&M voucher.

Glossy Box. Give 20% off a friend's first box, get up to £10 in credit.

London Sock Company. Your friend gets £15 off on orders over £60, you get £15 credit.

Monthly Tee Club. Refer a friend and get a free t-shirt.

nomakenolife. Friends can get $5 off their first premium box of Korean and Japanese beauty products, you need to sign up three people to get a free box.

Ohne. Give 50% off your friend's first organic tampons box, get £5 credit. You must have an active subscription to benefit.

Pip Box. Refer three friends to get a free box.

Royale Box. For each friend who signs up to a box, you get a £5 coupon.

Watch Gang. You and your referral will get 50 points, equivalent to $5 credit.

Who Gives A Crap. Both referrer and referral get £5 off their eco-conscious toilet paper. For more on this one, check out my review.

Get 20% off your first Glossy Box with the code JESSICA-R4OT


KiwiCo. Really cool range of crafts and science boxes for all ages; both referrer and referral get $10 credit.

Sassy Bloom. Give your friend £10 off their first box, and get £10 credit. My code is babiafi.

Toucan Box. Just pay postage for this craft box, then share your own link to get 50% off your next box.

Weekend Box Club. Get £2 credit per friend you refer - they'll get their first box free! For a free box to get started use code JESSICA132939.

YumeTwins. Referrals get $5 off their first premium box, referrer needs to sign up three people to get a box for free.

Get £10 off your first Sassy Bloom baby box with the referral code babiafi


Beer52. Use the link to get £12 off, share your own to score a free crate. :D

Beer Hawk. Give your friend 10% off, get 100 beer tokens - each token is worth 5p.

Cure & Simple. You and your friend will get 20% discount off their next/first pack of bacon.

Craft Gin Club. Sign up using the code GINPALS15 to get £15 off. New sign-ups will be sent an email asking who referred them, and the referrer will then get £15 credit.

Crate British. Refer a friend and you both get £5 discount.

DegustaBox. Inviting a friend nets them £6 off their first box and you 50 points.

Gousto. Give 60% off their first box - plus 30% for the whole month - and get £15 credit per referral, up to 20 a month.

Graze. Get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free when you sign up with a promo code (YY3P5KFRB), then get £1 off a box every time someone signs up with your own code.

Greedy Lama. Give 20% off, get 500 loyalty points - equivalent to £5 credit.

Hello Fresh. You both get £20 discount. My referral code is JESS80.

Japan Candy Box. Give your friend $5 off their first box; refer four friends to get a free box. Check out our reviews of this box here and here.

Le Petit Ballon. Your friend gets £25 off their first order, you get £25 credit.

Little Tummy. Both get a 25% off coupon.

Love With Food. Give your friend up to 50% off their first box, in return you get a free snackbox and 1000 points (worth $10).

Maverick Snacks. Really cool kids' snack boxes - give £5 off and get £5 credit per referral. My referral code is LOJELIRI.

Mindful Chef. Give £20 off their first box, get £20 credit.

Munchachos. Both get a free snack box. My referral code is REF5VH6JR7NUF.

Neat Nutrition. Give £4 off, get £4 credit.

Pasta Evangelists. Refer a friend to get a free box (up to £15, excludes shipping) and give them 50% off. Or 100% off if they order before Jan 31st!

Primal Snack Box. Give 10% off first order, get £4 credit per referral.

Simply Cook. Get your first box for £1 with that link, then share your own to get a free box when a referral orders.

Snack Fever. You both get 400 Fever Points - $4 off - this Korean snack food box.

Sourced Box. Share your link to give 15% off and get £3 off your next box. (Note - you can't stack multiple referrals; the £3 discount from referral #2 will be taken off the month after, and so on.)

Tea Box. Your friend gets 10% off, you get £5 credit per successful referral.

The Spicery. Your friend gets 10% off orders over £20, you get a £5 voucher to use on orders over £10. My code is JESSICA-137433.

Think Gin Club. Your friend gets £10 off their first order with code GINFRIENDS. They will then be asked to confirm who referred them and you get £5 credit.

Tokyo Treat. Referral gets $5 off their first premium box, referrer needs to sign up three people to get a box for free.

Get £12 off a Beer52 crate with the referral link


Butternut Box. Both referrer and referee get 75% off a box of premium dog food. For more info check out my review.

Protect My Pet. When somebody signs up with your link you get a free pet health box. Use the link (code: BABIAFI2019) to get two week's worth of dog food for £2 delivery, share your own link to get £10 credit.

Get two weeks worth of free dog food at with code BABIAFI2019


Bloom and Wild Flowers. Your friend gets £10 off their first box, you get £10 credit.

Kawaii Box. Your friend gets $5 off their first box - refer four and get a free box for yourself.

Loot Crate. There are tons of different pop culture subscription boxes under the Loot Crate umbrella; sign up with that link to get $5 off your first crate, then share your own link to get $5 credit per referral.

Paper Gang. Refer two friends to get a free box.

Perlego. (Academic Texts Subscription) Refer three friends and get a month free.

Pop In A Box. Get credit for every friend you refer, amount dependant on how much they spend.

The Retro - aka Cassette Club, Comic Club, Gaming Club, and Vinyl Club. Your friend gets £6 off their first box, you get £10 credit or cash!

The Willoughby Book Club. Your friend gets 10% off and, if they spend £25, you get £5.

Get $5 off your first Kawaii Box with the referral code

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