Tuesday, 19 February 2019

About Me - 2019 Edition

About Me - 2019 Edition

I came across this on the Blanket Box community on Pillowfort, and figured it has been at least a month or so now since I've done one of these quizzes!


You can call me… Jess.

My age is… 30.

My pronouns are… She / Her.

Some identities I want to share are… As it says on my Twitter profile, I'm Humanist, Feminist, Socialist. History Nut, Doll Collector, Fandom Nerd. Other labels I'd use are Welsh, Bi, Mother, and Crisp Addict.


I will likely make posts about… 

I have a kind of rough plan for each week which goes like so:

☆ Monday - Miniatures; i.e. dolls, etsy reviews, etc.
☆ Tuesday - TMI; i.e. quizzes, personal stuff, local things for local people, etc.
☆ Wednesday - Winning; i.e. brand collabs, competitions, etc.
☆ Thursday - Thrify; i.e. money saving, money making, homemade gifts, etc.
☆ Friday - Fandom; i.e. music, film, books, etc.
☆ Saturday - Self-Determination; i.e. a 'S' for free choice! (aka the slot for all my random obsessions, from historical true crime through to UFO trivia)
☆ Sunday - Summary; i.e. weekly diary post complete with quote of the week.

Dolls and MiniaturesFandom with Babi a Fi

Some things I know a lot about and can help with are… 

☆ Basic Blog Formatting. Check out my Blogging Guides for more info.
☆ Dolls / Miniatures. I collect in 1/12 and 1/6 primarily, but I branch out when it suits me.
☆ Comping / Money Saving.
☆ History. I slogged my guts out at Cambridge for a 2:1 in History, and remain fascinated by social history from the Victorians onward. I'm always happy to help with stuff around research or admissions.
☆ Local Government. I've been a Labour councillor for almost 7 years now. I've served on licensing, planning, scrutiny, lots of different boards (from the police and crime panel to the local housing association), as Mayor, and currently as chair of full council and education scrutiny committee.

Frugal Living with Babi a FiTrue Crime and Creepy Occurrences

Some things I want to learn more about are… 

Everything, really!

My comment policy is...

All welcome! I do my best to reply to all comments, but if you want to be sure I see something just drop me an email at jess@babiafi.co.uk

Find me elsewhere at...

I've got an account on most of the major social media sites, though I tend to use them for entering competitions rather than anything social. My most used networks are currently:

Twitter (9,500 followers)
LinkedIn (5,000 connections)
☆ Pinterest (4,700 followers)
Instagram (3,100 followers)
Facebook (1,400 followers)


I live in… Cwmbran, South Wales, UK.

I spend my time doing… blogging (!), working, studying, Marianna's bidding...

In the next few years, I hope to… get out of debt, get something published, travel the world (or, you know anywhere beyond the Severn Bridge)...

Babi a Fi Media Pack

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