Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Our First Trip To A+E

Our First Trip To Accident and Emergency

We had to make our first trip to A+E yesterday, after Marianna had an accident while jumping on the bed - and launched herself into the corner of a chest of drawers. At first there was so much blood it looked as though she had cut her upper lip clean in two so we rushed her down to the Royal Gwent.

Once it was cleaned up a bit it was clear that, though deep, the cut hadn't gone right through, and luckily her teeth and gums were fine. It still needed a few stitches though if we were to avoid a very visible scar, so we set in for the traditional sitting around the children's assessment unit for a few hours.

After the first half hour or so, and a dose of Calpol, Marianna was quite happy to go and play with the other younger kids in the play area. I couldn't find a pic of the layout via Google, but I did come up with a pic of the children's ward before the 1960s reconstruction, c. 1914. Thankfully it's no longer quite as austere!

Royal Gwent Children's Ward 1914

The doctors were wonderful with her, and eventually put three stitches in and a coat of skin glue. Marianna screamed the place down but I was so proud of her for staying still and letting them finish.

Today it's looking sore but healing - hopefully it will heal up fine and she'll be back to begging for lipstick in a few weeks time!

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