Saturday, 9 February 2019

Winning Wishlist 2019

My Winning Wishlist 2019

I've seen a few people do this and think it's a really neat idea! Basically you make a wishlist of things you're hoping to win in 2019, with the aim being to focus your mind when you're searching for competitions to enter. So here are the top ten things I would really love to win this year...

☆ Money. Because, well, who doesn't?

Suitcase. Mine fell apart so a nice colourful new suitcase would come in very handy.

 Handbag. A girl can never have too many.

☆ Hamper. I have a real thing for hampers, they're always on my 'want to win' list.

☆ Pressure Washer. My number one want for the garden this year.

☆ Kids Clothes, Books, Toys, Sundries. Anything for Marianna, really.

☆ TV. Anthony wants a TV for his' man cave', so this would be awesome.

☆ Air Fryer. 'Nuff said.

☆ Bath Stuff. Always good for the gifting shelf.

 Vacuum Cleaner. I need a new one.

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