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1/6 Scale Helicopters

1/6 Scale Helicopters

The first practical helicopter  - the VS-300 - took to the skies in 1939. By 1944 helicopters were in mass production. Today they're used for all kinds of things from transport, to search and rescue, to fire fighting.

Here you'll find a guide to the 1/6 scale helicopters and pilots available over the years, from plastic playline right through to top of the range RC models.

Action Man Helicopter

Action Man

 1973 Turbo Copter.
 1974 Helicopter.
 1975 Helicopter Pilot.
 1977 Capture Copter.
 1977 Eagle Eyes Helicopter Pilot.
 1979 Helicopter Pilot.
 1981 Assault Copter.
 1981 Helicopter Pilot.
 1983 Assault Copter SAS Airstrike
 1983 Helicopter Pilot.
 1994 Helicopter Attack Set.
 1996 Helicopter Attack Set.
 1996 Heligun Maxicopter. (AKA Turbo-Copter)
 1998 Gyro Copter.
 1998 Helicopter Rescue.
 2000 Helicopter Rescue.
 2008 40th Anniversary Helicopter Pilot.

America's Finest Fire Rescue Helicopter

America's Finest

 Fire Rescue Helicopter.
 Fire Rescue Helicopter Pilot.

Barbie Travel Helicopter


 2018 Travel Helicopter.

G.I. Joe Helicopter

G.I. Joe

 1971 Search for the Stolen Idol.
 1972 Recovery of the Lost Mummy Adventure.
 1972 Turbo Coptor.
 1973 Adventure Team Helicopter.
 1973 Coptor Rescue.
 1975 Adventure Team Helicopter.
 1975 Capture Coptor.
 1976 Black Widow Rendezvous.
 1997 G.I. Jane US Army Helicopter Pilot. (AABlond; BrunetteGinger)



 Super cool range of cockpit accessories.

Power Team Elite

 World Peacekeepers Helicopter Commander (AA).
 World Peacekeepers Helicopter Commander (brunette).
 World Peacekeepers Helicopter Commander (blond).
 World Peacekeepers Helicopter Commander Uniform.
 World Peacekeepers Helicopter Pilot.

Starwood Scale Models

Starwood Scale Models

 AH-64D Apache Longbow.
 AH-1S Cobra Gas.
 AH-1S Cobra Turbine.
 Lynx AH Mk7.
 N-4 Dauphin.
 UH-1C Gas Huey.
 UH-1C Turbine Huey.

The Ultimate Soldier

 2000 Vietnam Air Cavalry Helicopter.
 Vietnam Air Cavalry Helicopter Pilot.
 2000 AH-6 Little Bird Helicopter. (Review at Toy Haven)
AH-6 Little Bird Night Stalker Helicopter.
 US Helicopter Pilot.

Vario Helicopter

Vario Helicopter

 Augusta 109 K2.
 MD 902 Explorer.
 Mil Mi-2.

Warbird Pilots

Warbird Pilots

Wide range of scale pilot figures, including some that can turn their head remotely for extra cool / creep factor!

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