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18 inch Sindy

The Complete Guide To 18 Inch Sindy Doll

Continuing in a long line of marketing moves designed to not quite please anybody, Pedigree Toys licensed the Sindy name to Tesco for a '21st Century Makeover'. The new 18" Sindy doll hit Tesco stores on September 5th 2016, priced at £19.95. Tesco's head toy buyer, Dawn Lavette, said:

"Sindy stood out from other dolls and her captivating, angelic look made her popular all over the world. Now we’ve restored her beautiful and unique look and worked with our own top fashion designers to come up with a dazzling new range of clothes. We also think that many mums out there who were fans of the original doll themselves will secretly want one too. This is just the start of the Sindy revival and next year we will have a whole range of exciting additions for customers to add to their collection including more playsets and stylish outfits."

This was probably over optimistic, especially as the dolls don't look a thing like the originals...

Tesco Sindy 2016

Still, in addition to gaining seven inches and losing a few years, Sindy picked up a few new friends for the relaunch - from left to right we have Zoe, Kate, and Laura.

Tesco Sindy Friends 2016

To be fair to Tesco, they really put their money where their mouth is when it came to relaunch. Sindy had a big range of outfits and accessories available, up to and including a new doll house. This is my attempt at collating all of that before the demise of Tesco Direct makes it even harder to dig up the relevant info.

Click the name for a picture, and the price for a picture of the item in original packaging, if available.


The dolls have plastic limbs and a soft body. The measurements are: length - 46cm; chest - 26.5cm; waist - 25cm; feet - 6.4cm x 3.4cm.

 Sindy (£19.95) You can see a Tesco Toy Tester vid HERE.
 Kate (£19.95)
 Laura (£19.95)
 Zoe (£19.95)
 Sindy Off To The Ball (£24.95)
 Sindy Dancer Wardrobe (£49.95)
 2017 Sindy (£20.00)
 2017 Kate (£20.00)
 2017 Laura (£20.00)
 2017 Zoe (£20.00)
 2017 Sindy Off To The Ball (£25.00)
 Sindy's Puppy Care Set (£50.00)

★ Sindy (£20.00)
★ 2018 Laura (£20.00)
★ 2018 Zoe (£20.00)

The Magic of Toys 2016 page 50
The Magic of Toys 2016 page 51
The Magic of Toys, 2016


These mini dolls have a fully plastic body, and from the second wave onwards have been painted with side glancing eyes which really highlights the similarities in the head sculpt to the original Pedigree Sindy dolls.

 Kate (£6.95)
 Laura (£6.95)
Sindy (£6.95)

Kate (£6.50)
★ Laura (£6.50)
★ Sindy (£6.50)
★ Zoe (£6.50)

★ Sindy (£x.xx)
★ Zoe (£x.xx)


★ Daytime Look A (£8.95)
★ Daytime Look B (£8.95)
★ Daytime Look C (£8.95)
 Daytime Look D (£8.95)
 Time For Bed A (£8.95)
 Time For Bed B (£8.95)
★ Time For Bed C (£8.95)
★ Time For Bed D (£8.95)
★ All Set To Party (£11.95)
 Beautiful Ballerina (£11.95)
★ Wrapped Up For Winter (£11.95)
★ Sindy's Mobile Wardrobe (£14.95)
★ Stepping Out In Style Shoes A (£4.95)
★ Stepping Out In Style Shoes B (£4.95)
★ Stepping Out In Style Shoes C (£4.95)
★ Stepping Out In Style Shoes D (£4.95)

★ Sindy's Riding Outfit (£14.00)
★ Daytime Look A (£9.00)
★ Daytime Look B (£9.00)
★ Daytime Look C (£9.00)
★ Time For Bed A (£9.00)
Time For Bed B (£9.00)
★ Time For Bed C (£9.00)

★ Daytime Outfit A (£9.00)
★ Daytime Outfit B (£9.00)
★ Daytime Outfit C (£9.00)
★ Daytime Outfit D (£9.00)
★ Time For Bed A (£9.00)
★ Time For Bed B (£9.00)
★ Time For Bed C (£9.00)
★ Time For Bed D (£9.00)

★ Deluxe Outfit Spring (£?.??)
★ Deluxe Outfit Summer (£?.??)
★ Deluxe Outfit Autumn (£?.??)
★ Deluxe Outfit Winter (£?.??)
★ 30 Fashion Pack (£x.xx)
★ Sleepover Set (£?.??)

Tesco Christmas Toy Brochure 2017
Tesco Christmas Toy Brochure 2017


 Sindy's Beauty Salon (£17.95)
 Sindy Great Accessories A (£4.95)
 Sindy Great Accessories B (£4.95)
 Sindy Great Accessories C (£4.95)
 Sindy Sofa Bed (£9.95)
 Puppy with Carrier A (£7.95)
 Puppy with Carrier B (£7.95)

 Pet Dog with Carrier A (£x.xx)
 Pet Dog with Carrier B (£x.xx)
 Pet Dog with Carrier C (£x.xx)
 Horse (£35.00)
 Sindy's Doll House (£80.00)
 Sindy's Kitchen (£28.00)
 Sindy's Living Room (£20.00)
 Sindy's Sweet Dreams Bed (£15.00)
 Sindy's Vanity Table Set (£20.00)

Tesco Christmas Magazine 2018

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