Thursday, 14 March 2019

20 Photos Every Comper Needs

20 Photographs Every Comper Needs

Entering competitions - 'comping' - is one of my favourite hobbies. Sharing a relevant photo on social media is a standard entry method these days, but luckily the requirements tend to be pretty standard too. You can take a picture now and carry on using it for years to come.

They don't need to be anything amazing, either. Cute and quirky help, of course, but your phone camera will be fine for the vast majority of competitions.

So, read on for 20 photos every comper needs...

#1. Whatever the Weather

Sun, Snow, Rainbows... Weather photo comps are used to promote everything from sunscreen to wellies.

#2. DIY Disaster

#3. Your Pet

Some competitions are animal specific, others will just ask for snaps of any pet. Either way, a suitably photogenic pic of your four legged (or otherwise!) friend is essential.

Dog Photo

#4. Halloween Costumes

World Book Day is another costume photo bonanza, so depending on costume you might even hit two birds with one stone.

#5. Baking

We're still feeling the influence of the Great British Bake Off; a snap showcasing your baking skills is a regular ask.

#6. Summer Holidays

summer holidays

#7. Easter Bonnet

Or other Easter themed creations!

#8. Landscape

A versatile view or two will serve you well.

#9. Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

#10. Pancakes

The more creative the better.

#11. Your Garden

The good or the bad!

#12. Valentine's Day

You and your beloved, heart themed snaps, all that kind of stuff.

Valentine's Day

#13. Pumpkin Carving

#14. Shelfie

A bookcase snap is always handy to have, but other nice interior shots can also be useful.

#15. Arts and Crafts

Something you've made, drawn, built, etc, etc.

Colouring Book

#16. Mother's Day

You and your mum. You and the kids. You know the score.

#17. Father's Day

See above.

#18. Clutter

Messy bedrooms, work desks, dressing tables, etc.


#19. Elf on the Shelf

Nothing says Christmas like a house pest.

#20. Back to School

Stationery and uniforms galore!

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