Saturday, 2 March 2019

Free Magazine Scans

Magazine Scans

Click the pictures below to find full cover guides to various teen magazines (primarily collated to make scale miniature magazine covers but I figure they'll also be useful for collectors and anyone into media history) and scans from my own magazine collection. I've also got a couple of kids' books I didn't want to part with - The Squirrel and Little Owl Book of Pets.

magazine cover collections magazine scans

The unwieldy size of my bookmark folders convinced me I needed a reference post for online magazine archives. Or, more accurately, free online magazine archives. Whether you're looking for leisure reading or research avenues, you're bound to find something useful in this list. :)

Archive for the Unexplained - UFO mags galore.

 The Magazine Rack - over 140,000 digitised magazines!

 Lantern - thousands of vintage film magazines.

☆ FANZINES - a number of online archives now exist for these including FANAC (SF), ScoTpress (Trek), Sandy Herald Collection (media fandom, majority closed to the public), Trek collection, Hevelin Collection (horror), etc.

 The Online Books Page - huge list of links to magazine and journal archive pages.

American Radio History - fantastic archive of early radio, television, and engineering magazines from the USA and beyond.

 The Pulp Magazines Archive - 1890s to 1950s.

Independent Voices - archive of the US, UK and Canadian alternative press.

The Vault - TIME magazine archive.

 BBC Genome - Radio Times, 1923 - 2009.

Brian McCloskey's Smash Hits Archive - exactly what it says on the tin.

 British Comics - thousands of downloadable vintage comics.

BUFORA Publications Online - archive of the British UFO Research Association.

 Margaret Herrick Library - various movie magazines, including a full archive of Cinema Chat.

Retromash - Argos catalogues and toy booklets.

 Spare Rib - full online archive at the British Library. (Suspended due to Brexit, the gift that just keeps on giving...)

 Classic UK Comics Zines.

 Mag@Zone - retro British teen magazines and annuals. 

 Vintage Men's Magazines - lots of softcore and cheesecake titles. - 1960s magazines Eros, Avant Garde, and Fact.

 Welsh Newspapers Online - up to 1919.

 ZipComic - comics, comics, and more comics.

For more like this, please click the below image:

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