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Introducing #SNAPSTAR Dolls

Introducing Snapstar Dolls

YULU Toys, best known for their active play gizmos, launched a new line of fashion dolls this January. #SNAPSTAR is a range of six girls - each with 'their own unique personality and social influencer persona' - who can be teamed up with a smartphone to convince kids of the wonders of photo editing.

I sound flippant but, actually, I think it's a great idea. On the one hand it makes for interactive play; each doll comes with a cardboard green screen and a free download of the Snapstar Studio App, so kids can change the backgrounds, hair, and makeup on screen. It also has the scope to be a real teaching tool, introducing the idea that social media reality is, well, not quite the same as everyday reality.

Because it's all fun and games, but the truth is that the #instaenvy worthy shots kids see all day, every day, generally took a lot of time and effort to achieve - both before and after the picture was taken.

Snapstar Dolls by Yulu Toys

Anyway, the first wave of dolls are now available from Smyths at £17.99 each. The dolls are 25cm tall, have 14 points of articulation, and kind of remind me of Liv with their inset eyes and wigs. From left to right the first wave gives us:

 ★ Izzy. 'I love arts and crafts! Drawing, painting, cutting pasting - I love finding old things and transforming them into something new.'
 ★ Echo.
 ★ Yuki. 'Music has always been my passion. I write and record my own songs and DJ on the weekends.'
 ★ Aspen. 'I love to travel and I'm always on the go!'
 ★ Dawn.
 ★ Lola. 'I love animals because they're so kind and loving - I'd adopt them all if I could!'

Snapstar Fashion Packs

There is also a range of separate fashion packs available. They don't have official names as far as I know, so I've simply described them in the list below.

★ Summer Dress.
★ Lolita Dress.
★ Blue Dress.
★ Denim Look.
★ Pink Dress.
★ Playsuit.

Snapstar Photo Studio and Doll

Aspen's Fashion Photo Studio - box front / box back.
★ Pop Royalty Echo - box front / box back.
★ Vita Fabulous Fashions - box front / box back.

Pop Royalty EchoVita Fabulous Fashions

Snapstars Dolls Social Media

Keep up to date with #SNAPSTAR releases on FacebookInstagram, Tik Tok, and YouTube.

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