Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Maverick Snacks

Maverick Snacks Promo Shot

This week we checked out Mavericks, a new snack subscription service which aims to stop kids eating junk. As soon as I saw the website, I was sold. It's all so bright and colourful, and totally dedicated to making healthy snacking fun.

Each box comes with stickers and collectable cards, and the boxes themselves are designed to bring a spot of retro cool into your child's life.

We went for a weekly box with seven snacks. There are twelve different types in all to choose from, so I went for a range of cookies, bread sticks, and fruit 'lil' brix'. Marianna turned her nose up at the strawberry cookies, but they were my absolute favourite! The only one we both disliked was the orange-utan poppin' corn. (basically orange flavoured puff crisps)

Mavericks Subscription Review

I liked that the snacks are formulated to Change4Life guidelines, and that allergen information is displayed prominently when you're choosing snacks. The entire range is vegetarian, and many of the snacks are vegan and / or gluten free.

The weekly boxes are usually £5.99, but if you use my referral link (code: LOJELIRI) you'll get £5 off your first order, making it just 99p! For that price they're definitely worth trying out. Just remember to cancel your subscription if you don't want to continue with it.

Get £5 off your first Maverick Snacks order with code LOJELIRI

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