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MGA Novi Stars

Complete Guide to MGA Novi Stars Dolls

In 2012 MGA Entertainment launched the coolest line of fashion dolls. Novi Stars were, so their packaging blurbs went, were alien girls who land on earth and want to shake up the teenage fashion world. The highly stylized dolls looked amazing thanks to the work of Varner Studios but, sadly, the actual production quality often let them down.

MGA announced they were likely dropping the line in 2013, although a few more dolls were released in 2014 as European exclusives. Crystalline Toybox put together a great post about the prototypes floating around the net which never made it into development. Likewise, some pics here have come from the Novi Stars Checklist Blog.

The dolls have simple articulation at shoulders and hips, and stand about 7.5 inches tall. (The Super Novas and Stellar Skinz dolls were taller at around 9 inches.) Another cool aspect of the Novi Stars was the fact that the box handles became headbands for kids to wear.

Still, if you're looking for something different to display, the Novi Stars have you covered!


Novi Stars Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Mae Tallick and Ari Roma

Novi Stars Fashion Packs
Fashion Packs - Space Dreamer, Galactic Gown and Winter Gear.

Novi Stars Energy Pod Playset
Energy Pod Playset, with Nita Light Doll and Pet.
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Novi Stars Secret Pet Pods
Secret Pet Pods - FoxxiLemiMebaOctogen, Oko, QuaxZero, Zogi.

Novi Stars Glitter LampNovi Stars Glitter Lamp
Colour Change Glitter Lamp.


Novi Stars Malie Tasker, Tula Toned and Sila Clops Basic Dolls Sila Clops, Malie Tasker, and Tula Toned.
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Novi Stars Orbit Beach

Novi Stars Stellar Skinz CiCi ThruStellar Skinz Gail Lexi
Stellar Skinz Cici Thru and Gail Lexi.

Novi Stars Super Novaz Mimi Terize and Vera Tabray

Super Novas Vera Tabray and Mimi Merize.

Novi Stars Invasion Anne ArticNovi Stars Invasion Ina Ferna
Invasion Anne Artic and Ina Ferna.
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Curl n Coil Roe BotikCurl n Coil Tily Vizon
Curl 'n' Coil Roe Botik and Tily Vizon.
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Novi Stars Makeover Station Cici Thru and Gail Lexi.


Super Novas Doe a DeerSuper Novas Justina Hour
Super Novas Doe a Deer and Justina Hour.

Novi Stars Invasion Carmela SweetNovi Stars Invasion Frostina Sprinkles
Invasion Carmela Sweet and Frostina Sprinkles.

Cici Thru Makeover StationGail Lexi Makeover Station
Novi Stars Makeover Station Cici Thru and Gail Lexi.

Other Merchandise

The line was popular enough to spawn make up, bedding, and knock-off dolls of varying degrees of cheap nastiness!

For more like this, please click the image below:

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