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Cutie Pops

Cutie Pops

Jada Toys launched this line of super customisable dolls in 2012. Their hair, eyes, lashes, and accessories could all be 'popped' out and swapped over, hence the 'Cutie Pops' name. The articulation was limited, with none in the arms and a simple hinge joint at the knee.

This was one of those dolls that I always thought looked cute, but never actually got around to checking out. Then, of course, they were discontinued. The website is now leading to a 404 so it seems like a good time to make a guide post before it becomes more difficult to get the images from the Wayback Machine...

Cutie Pops 2012

★ Candi. (back)
★ Chiffon. (back) [Also sold as Eclair.]
★ Cookie. (back)
★ Starr. (back) [Walmart Exclusive - came with pet dog, Popcorn]

This initial wave of dolls each had a pet dog available separately for $9.99.

★ Candi's Lolli. (back)
★ Chiffon's Dott. (back)
★ Cookie's S'Mores. (back)

Cutie Pops Pet Dogs

Cutie Pops Sweets

Cutie Pops Sweets

★ Candi.
★ Carmel. (back)
★ Chiffon.

Cutie Pops Swirly Brights

Swirly Brights

★ Chiffon.
★ Magenta. (back)
★ Tangerine. (back)

Cutie Pops HattitudeCutie Pops HattitudeCutie Pops Hattitude


★ Bianca. (back)
★ Dakota. (back)
★ Sydney. (back)

Released autumn 2013.

Cutie Pops Crown Cuties

Crown Cuties

★ Crystalina. (back)
★ Pearlina. (back)

Released autumn 2013.

Cutie Pops Fashion Pups ColettaCutie Pops Fashion Pups Dalia

Fashion Pups

★ Coletta. (back)
★ Dalia. (back)

Released autumn 2013.

Fashion and Accessory Packs

Cutie Pops Fashions and Accessories

★ Day in the Park Fashion.
★ Day in the Park Hair.
★ Party Evening Wear Fashion. (back)
★ Party Evening Hair.
★ Sweet Dream PJ's Fashion. (back)
★ Sweet Dream Hair.
★ Donuts Pop Pack. (back)
★ Ice Cones Pop Pack.
★ Lollipops Pop Pack.
★ Decoration Station Wardrobe. (inside)

Cutie Pops Petites

Cutie Pops Petites

★ Carmel. (box front / box back)
★ Dainty. (box front / box back)
★ Dixie. (box front / box back)
★ Summer. (box front / box back)
★ Radio Control Vehicle. (box back)

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