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Disney Star Darlings

Jakks Pacific Star Darlings

This line totally passed me by - but I wish it hadn't because the dolls are adorable! Based on Disney's Star Darlings books and cartoons, Jakks Pacific launched these tie-in dolls in November 2015. They stood around 11 inches high, had rooted hair and inset eyes, and were fully articulated bar the ankles.

Unfortunately the line suffered from oversaturation, with release after release following quick on the heels of each other but with very little to distinguish them. Poor sales lead to the line being discontinued in 2017.

Jakks Pacific Star Glow Star Darlings Dolls

Star Glow

★ Leona. (Box Front / Back)
★ Libby. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back) - see review at ToyBoxPhilosopher.
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)
★ Vega. (Box Front / Back)

The first wave of dolls came in a holographic box, complete with a light up stand and pieces to make a wish necklace. Initially available through the Disney Store, they retailed for $30 each. In the UK they first hit stores in Spring 2016, priced at £20.95 each. They were packaged in the international variant packaging which used name stickers to differentiate the dolls, rather than printed pictures.

(International Variant Box FrontBack - see review at Breanna Burton)

Jakks Pacific Standard Star Darlings Dolls

Star Academy

★ Leona. (Box Front / Back)
★ Libby. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)
★ Vega. (Box Front / Back)

This second wave dropped the holographic boxes, stands, and necklaces; instead they came with a ring for their new owner to wear.

Jakks Pacific Star Darlings Band

Sparkle Rock

★ Leona - Singer. (Box Front / Back)
★ Libby - Keytarist. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage - Lead Guitarist. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet - Drummer. (Box Front / Back)
★ Vega - Bass Guitarist. (Box Front / Back)
★ Star-Rock Musical Stage + Sage Doll. (Box Front / Back)

This wave wore the same outfits but came with instruments.

Jakks Pacific Star Darlings Dolls with Books - LibbyJakks Pacific Star Darlings Dolls with Books - SageJakks Pacific Star Darlings Dolls with Books - Scarlet


★ Libby. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)

Again, these dolls were still dressed in the same outfits but were packaged with their book.

Star Darlings Cassie and IttyStar Darlings Sage and M0-J4


★ Cassie and Itty. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage and M0-J4. (Box Front / Back)

These two were UK Toys R Us exclusives in 2016.

Jakks Pacific Wishworld Dolls


★ Cassie. (Box Front / Back)
★ Piper. (Box Front / Back)
★ Sage. (Box Front / Back)
★ Scarlet. (Box Front / Back)

Leona and Libby were also planned for this line, but never made it into production.

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