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Earth 2 Jane Dolls

Earth 2 Jane Dolls

Launched by Learning Curve in 2005, the Earth 2 Jane dolls stood ten inches tall with rooted hair and basic articulation. They did have magnets in their hands, however, to let them carry their accessories. The dolls were part of much wider range of branded items for girls, ranging from disposable party plates to calendars to alarm clocks.

Although there were plans for further dolls, they never made it into production and Learning Curve - then a subsidiary of RC2 - eventually became part of TOMY. Try as I might I haven't been able to extract product images from the archived website, so I've gone with images found on ebay for this post.

But! Apparently the line is re-launching later this year. The revamped brand already have a few t-shirts and other items out with the cute new look at Earth 2 Jane. Here are two of my favourites:

Earth 2 Jane TeeEarth 2 Jane Jett Tee

Check out their Facebook, Insta, and Twitter for updates.

Earth 2 Jane Liberty Doll


"Liberty is the Glam Pop Star with a passion for music and performing! Talented, trendy, and funky, soon she'll have the record deal, the worldwide tour and stardom she's dreamed of!"

Box Front / Back. Proposed Deluxe Doll.

Earth to Jane Doll


"Jane is the trend setting designer with a love for the world of fashion! Confident, creative, and stylish, she can't wait to see her own designs hit fashion malls all over the world."

Box Front / Back. Proposed Deluxe Doll.

Earth 2 Jane Jett Doll


"Jett is the funky photographer with a passion for capturing spectacular shots! Independent, daring, and driven, she loves to live on the edge. She's ready to show the world her unforgettable flair with award-winning fashion photography."

Box Front / Back. Proposed Deluxe Doll.

Earth 2 Jane Paris Doll


"Paris is the romantic writer with a passion for poetry and the arts. Dramatic, artistic, and sweet, she is going to travel the world in search of her one true love and inspiration for her own theatrical production."

Box Front / Back.

For more like this, please click the image below:

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