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Jakks Pacific Juku Couture

Jakks Pacific Juku Couture Dolls

Jakks Pacific launched this fashion doll in 2008. The dolls stood 9 inches tall, and boasted full articulation, flat feet, and inset acrylic eyes. Although a neat idea, by 2009 Jakks had downgraded the dolls' quality and it was no surprise that they were discontinued before the year was out.

Juku Couture Original Dolls 2008

Wave One

★ Audrina. (back of box)
★ Hayley.
★ Jun. (back of box)
★ Kana.

The selling point of the line was that the outfits could all be mixed and matched; it was all about creativity and being unique. They originally retailed for $19.99 each. To support the first wave there were four fashion packs released:

★ Audrina Weekend Sleepover. (back)
★ Hayley Tennis Camp. (back)
★ Jun Dance Class. (back)
★ Kana Art Class. (back)

Juku Couture Audrina Weekend SleepoverJuku Couture Hayley Tennis Camp
Juku Couture Jun Dance ClassJuku Couture Kana Art Class

Juku Couture In The Wild

Wave Two - In the Wild

★ Audrina. (back of box)
★ Hayley. (back of box)
★ Jun.
★ Kana.

Definitely the rarest of the Juku Couture dolls, they seem to have only had a limited release. There was also a set of four In the Wild fashion packs for this wave.

★ Audrina. (back)
★ Hayley. (back)
★ Jun. (back)
★ Kana. (back)

Juku Couture 2009 Re-release

Wave Three - Re-release

★ Audrina. (back of box)
★ Hayley. (back of box)
★ Jun. (back of box)
★ Kana. (back of box)

2009 saw a re-release of the original dolls. Except not quite, because some of the girls had seemed to swap both personalities and outfits. Their hair, face paint and eye type were also changed, and the general perception was that this wave was lower quality than their 2008 counterparts.

Juku Couture Global Good

Wave Four - Global Good

★ Audrina. (back of box)
★ Hayley. (back of box)
★ Jun. (back of box)
★ Kana. (back of box)

Again, this was essentially a re-release of the In the Wild line with switches to different dolls, plus mixing and matching of pieces.

2009 Fashion Packs

★ Birthday Party Fashion Pack. (back)
★ Cheerleading Fashion Pack.
★ Dance Fashion Pack. (back)
★ Girl's Night Out Fashion Pack. (back)
★ Ice Skating Fashion Pack. (back)
★ Sleepover Fashion Pack. (back)
★ Weekend Retreat Fashion Pack. (back)
★ Winter Glam Fashion Pack.

★ Birthday Party Accessory Pack. (back)
★ Cheerleading Accessory Pack.
★ Dance Accessory Pack. (back)
★ Girl's Night Out Accessory Pack. (back)

Like the rest of the 2009 line, these are mostly repackaged pieces from earlier dolls and fashion packs.

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