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Munchachos Review

Munchachos Review

Munchachos is such a cool concept - it's a weekly subscription box that sends out five healthy snacks, each inspired by flavours from a different country around the world!

Living in the South Wales Valleys, we're not exactly surrounded by a diverse range of scents and tastes. I mean, sometimes, going for a pizza is downright exotic. So I loved the idea of getting a curated range of new flavours delivered direct to our door, complete with a set of learning resources designed to ignite Marianna's curiosity about the world beyond our borders.

The snacks are designed to be as healthy as possible, with no added sugar or salt, and are sent out with full nutritional values for each 10g serving. The little packets all come with a collectable stamp sticker of the country of snack origin too which is great because a) it appeals directly to my inner philatelist, and b) it adds an extra element of fun to trying out something new.

Munchachos Review at Babi a Fi

Marianna is quite a fussy eater so I wasn't sure how willing she would be to give each snack a go, but the excitement of receiving the box and the presentation behind it really overcame her natural reticence. We took the accompanying map out and, after showing us where the UK was, we got her to guess where each country was and talked a little about it.

The five snacks we received were:

★ Cha Chips (Mexico)
★ Fusilli Ciao Chows (Italy)
★ Go Man-Go (Jamaica)
★ Hip Hop Pop (USA)
★ Oom-Pah-Pah Crumble (Germany)

Munchachos Cha Cha Chips from MexicoMunchachos Fusilli Ciao Chows from ItalyMunchachos Go Man-Go from JamaicaMunchachos Hip Hop Pop from the USAMunchachos Oom-Pah-Pah Crumble from Germany

This was a real range of tastes, from sweet to savoury and back again, and we all had different favourites. Anthony was a big fan of the cha cha tortilla chips, while I was a complete convert to the apple and cinnamon crumble. Marianna surprised me by choosing the Jamaican dried mango, pineapple and coconut over the American cookies and cream popcorn.

The portion sizes are perfect for lunchboxes or grazing at the office, and I like that the flavours are just as appealing to adults as to children. :D

The very best thing about Munchachos though, at least in my opinion, is the encouragement to go forth and learn more. There is a free app you can download with games and quizzes, and you can scan in the stickers from your packets to get the pictured landmark to help build your own Munchachos world. At four, Marianna is still a bit young to get the most of that, but if your kids are a little older they're bound to get a lot of enjoyment out of it.

Even without the app, the box provides plenty of play potential with a cute cityscape backdrop Marianna immediately put to use with her toy animals, and a bunch of little Munchachos figures to decorate printed on the inside of the box. (I was also impressed that the packaging is all 100% recyclable. It's no good teaching about the world without preserving it!)


In conclusion, we were super happy with our Munchachos snacks and want to send a big thank you to the team for letting us test it out. You can check it out for yourself for just £5.98 (£4.99 for the box and 99p for postage).

Or you can use my referral code - REF5VH6JR7NUF - to get a free box!

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