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Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper

Pinkie Cooper was a real dog of a fashion doll. Seriously! Created by Anjanette Abell and her brother Carter Bryant, the guy behind the Bratz dolls, Pinkie and her besties were based on spaniels. The dolls stood 9 inches high and hit toy stores in 2013. They were articulated at the elbows, had inset eyes and lashes, and boasted the unique feature of being able to swap their hair-slash-ears between dolls.

Sales failed to match up to expectations - despite a tie-in webseries - and Bridge Direct discontinued the line early in 2014.

Pinkie Cooper Runway Collection 2013

Runway Collection

★ Pinkie Cooper.
★ Ginger Jones.
★ Pepper Parson. (back of box)

These dolls originally retailed for £14.99 each. The UK versions had little hats instead of clips, for reasons best known to Bridge Direct. (Pinkie / Ginger / Pepper)

Pinkie Cooper Travel Deluxe Collection

Deluxe Travel Collection

★ Pinkie Cooper and Pet Beverly Hills.
★ Pinkie Cooper and Pet London.
★ Pinkie Cooper and Pet Paris. (back of box)

This range originally retailed at £24.99 each. The dolls were later repackaged into the basic boxes without pets and sold at reduced prices, presumably to shift stock. (Beverly Hills / London / Paris)

Pinkie Cooper and the Jet Set Pets

Jet Set Pets

★ Li'l Pinkie.
★ Saltine.
★ Sprinkles.

These were priced at £9.99 each.

Pinkie Cooper Party Collection Fashion Packs

Night Out Fashion Packs

★ Pinkie Cooper. (back of box)
★ Ginger Jones. (back of box)
★ Pepper Parson. (back of box)

Pinkie Cooper Wardrobe CasePinkie Cooper Wardrobe Case Back

Pinkie Cooper Wardrobe Case Inside

Jet Setting Wardrobe Case

Pinkie Cooper Cabana Cool

Cabana Cool (unreleased)

Pinkie Cooper Deluxe Resort Dolls and Pets

Deluxe Resort (unreleased)

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