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Spin Master Liv Dolls

Guide to Spin Master Liv Dolls

Canadian toy company Spin Master introduced their first fashion doll, Liv. The dolls stood 12 inches tall, with oversized heads with inset acrylic eyes and removable wigs. At the time they were one of the most articulated human fashion dolls on the market, although the promotional material tended to photoshop the joints out which always seemed like a mistake to me, as the promo images would be what parents would see in the catalogues.

Anyway, Liv found it hard to compete with the many other doll brands on the market. They were discontinued in 2012. Read on for a guide to Liv dolls, wigs, and fashions...


Liv Original Line

★ Alexis.
★ Daniela.
★ Katie.
★ Sophie.

Article from ToysNews issue 98 HERE.


Liv Dogs

★ Dogs - Alexis and Lacey.
★ Dogs - Daniela and DJ.
★ Dogs - Katie and Sk8.
★ Dogs - Sophie and Frizzy.

Liv It's My Nature

★ It's My Nature - Alexis.
★ It's My Nature - Daniela.
★ It's My Nature - Katie.
★ It's My Nature - Sophie.
★ It's My Nature - 4 Doll Gift Set.

★ It's My Nature: Horse - Hayden and Clover.
★ It's My Nature: Horse - Katie and Walnut. (ToysRus exclusive)
★ It's My Nature - Maple Lodge.

Liv It's My Nature Dolls - Maple Lodge

Sophie with bonus purse

★ Sophie with Bonus Purse.

Liv Moonlight Dance

Moonlight Dance (Target Exclusive)
★ Moonlight Dance - Alexis.
★ Moonlight Dance - Daniela.
★ Moonlight Dance - Katie.
★ Moonlight Dance - Sophie.

Liv School's Out

★ School's Out - Alexis.
★ School's Out - Daniela.
★ School's Out - Hayden.
★ School's Out - Katie.
★ School's Out - Sophie.

★ School's Out - Alexis' Fashion Shop Display. (with doll)
★ School's Out - Daniela's Drum Set. (with doll)
★ School's Out - Hayden's Pet Adoption Center. (with doll)
★ School's Out - Katie's Bike Ramp. (with doll)
★ School's Out - Sophie's Scooter. (with doll)


Liv in Wonderland

★ Liv in Wonderland - Alexis.
★ Liv in Wonderland - Daniela.
★ Liv in Wonderland - Hayden.
★ Liv in Wonderland - Katie.
★ Liv in Wonderland - Sophie.

Liv Making Waves

★ Making Waves - Alexis.
★ Making Waves - Daniela.
★ Making Waves - Hayden.
★ Making Waves - Jake.
★ Making Waves - Katie.
★ Making Waves - Sophie.

Liv McDonalds

McDonalds released a range of Liv Happy Meal toys in July 2011.

★ Alexis.
★ Daniela.
★ Hayden.
★ Katie.
★ Sophie.
★ Alexis Styling Head.
★ Daniela Styling Head.
★ Sophie Styling Head.

Liv Spa Makeover
★ Spa Makeover - Alexis.
★ Spa Makeover - Daniela.
★ Spa Makeover - Sophie.
★ Spa Makeover - Playset.

Check out the TV ad HERE.

Liv Styling Head AlexisLiv Styling Head Sophie

★ Styling Head - Alexis.
★ Styling Head - Sophie.

Check out the TV ad for these HERE. There was an accompanying range of 'wear and share' wigs for these in brown, pink and purple.

Liv Twist n' Dance

★ Twist n' Dance - Alexis.
★ Twist n' Dance - Daniela.
★ Twist n' Dance - Hayden.
★ Twist n' Dance - Katie.
★ Twist n' Dance - Sophie.

The prototypes for this line included a new Jake doll, but he never made it into production.

Hayden and House

★ Hayden and House. (Toys R Us exclusive.)


Girls' Getaway Liv

Exclusive to Japan and the Philippines.

★ Girls' Getaway - Alexis.
★ Girls' Getaway - Daniela.
★ Girls' Getaway - Hayden.
★ Girls' Getaway - Katie.
★ Girls' Getaway - Sophie.

Liv Brites

Liv Brites was a small line exclusive to Target. Although pretty, these dolls had the knee joints simplified and the arm articulation completely removed.

★ Liv Brites - Alexis.
★ Liv Brites - Katie.
★ Liv Brites - Sophie.

Liv for Color

The Liv for Color was a budget line. The dolls came in smaller boxes without accessories, and the articulation on the bodies was limited like that of the Liv Brites.

★ Liv for Color - Alexis.
★ Liv for Color - Daniela.
★ Liv for Color - Hayden.
★ Liv for Color - Katie.
★ Liv for Color - Sophie.

Liv Sleepover Party

This mini line introduced two new gimmicks - sleeping eyes, and a press motion which moved the arm as though in a pillow fight.

★ Sleepover Party - Alexis.
★ Sleepover Party - Daniela.
★ Sleepover Party - Sophie.


 Liv for Hair Blonde.
 Liv for Hair Pink & Purple.
 Liv for Hair Extra Long Blonde.
 Liv for Hair Extra Long Brown.
 Liv for Hair Fashion Set and Blonde Wig. (Target Exclusive)

 Liv'n Bright Blue.
 Liv'n Bright Pink.

 Liv'n Funky Black & Purple.


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