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Stardoll by Barbie

Mattel Stardoll by Barbie

Stardoll is a paper doll dress up site geared towards teenage girls; in 2016 it had over 400 million users! In 2011 they went into collaboration with Mattel to release a range of fashion dolls. Each doll came with a voucher for 50 Star dollars to be spent on the site, plus a week's Superstar membership.

The dolls stood 12 inches high, rooted hair and applied lashes, and had bodies designed in the same pose as Stardoll avatars. The trade off was that the doll's legs didn't move, and their larger feet and different body shape made it difficult for them to share clothes with other Barbie lines. There were eight dolls released, two each based on the looks of four different Stardoll stores: Bonjour Bizou, Fallen Angel, Pretty n Love, .

Stardolls by Barbie

★ Bonjour Bizou. (Box Front / Back)
★ Fallen Angel. (Box Front / Back) - see review at ToyBoxPhilosopher.
★ Doll Space. (Box Front / Back)
 Pretty n Love. (Box Front / Back)

★ Doll Space. (Box Front / Back)
★ Pretty n Love. (Box Front / Back)

Stardoll by Barbie Fallen Angel

★ Bonjour Bizou. (Box Front / Back)
★ Fallen Angel. (Box Front / Back)

Barbie Stardoll Pretty in Love Accessory Set
Barbie Stardoll Bonjour Bizou Accessory PackBarbie Stardoll Fallen Angel Accessory Pack

There were three accessory packs released for the line, each with a voucher for 25 virtual star dollars.

★ Bonjour Bizou. (back of box)
★ Fallen Angel. (back of box)
★ Pretty n Love. (back of box)

Stardoll by Barbie Wave 2

Although the second wave of dolls never made it into production, some promo images did do the rounds in 2012. The lines would have been called 'Voile' and 'Rio', respectively.

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