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Storing Your Store Cards

Storing Your Store Cards

Chances are, you've got more store / loyalty card than your wallet has room for. I keep my most used in my purse, but that still leaves dozens I've amassed for occasional out of town shopping, or needing a membership number to enter competitions... So the question is, what to do with them all?

Digital Switchover

There are a number of apps these days specially designed to replace loyalty cards. I use Stocard and it really is a fantastic piece of technology. You just bring it up on your phone when you get to the checkout and they scan the barcode on the screen. It also allows you to check your points balance, etc, with just a couple of clicks.

But. (There's always a but!) Some stores insist on the physical card - Boots and Sainsburys spring to mind - and if your battery goes dead you're kind of stumped. Still, it's great for lesser used cards you might otherwise forget about. The only remaining problem is what to do with all the physical cards you hang on to just in case.

Business Card Holder

Business Card Holders

Those little plastic desk holders can take about 40 cards and can be had for pennies. (Literally. I paid 1p for one with free shipping on eBay.) Alternatively, if you've ordered your own business cards the plastic box they came in is the perfect size. Another option is a business card wallet; these come in various shapes and sizes, from professional leather to my own Sanrio Little Twin Stars version.

Business Card Wallet

Swap Shop

My favourite method of storing loyalty cards though is to bundle them all in with my paper bills, etc, in my finance file. You can get trading card album pages for about 25p each, and they just clip easily into a ringbinder. Simple!

Store Cards in Trading Card Pages

How do you store yours?

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