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Tween Scene Prettie Girls

Tween Scene Prettie Girls

Launched in 2015, the Tween Scene Prettie Girls were part of the One World project which saw the same characters turned into different kinds of dolls. Designed by Tonner Doll, they stood 16 inches high and used the same body as the 2011 LittleMissMatched line, with joints at knee and elbow.

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Alexie


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the feisty, charismatic singer.  She's fiercely protective of her friends and loves adventure.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Dhara


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the quick-witted animal-lover who is passionate about the environment.  She also likes eating popcorn with pickles (ew).'

Dhara, also known as Dahlia, was advertised in a floral dress but actually shipped wearing the 'casually cute' fashion pack.

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Hana


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the unique, quirky girl who collects unicorns and dreams of being a pediatrician.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Kimani


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the trustworthy, creative girl who loves fashion and reality shows...and can keep a secret.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Lena


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the "wiz kid," straight-A student cheerleader who likes video games and science.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Valencia


2014 Box Front / Back. 2015 Box Front / Back.
'the fun-loving athlete who likes cooking healthy food but has a weakness for chocolate.'

Tween Scene Prettie Girls Rockstar RageTween Scene Prettie Girls Casually CuteTween Scene Prettie Girls Cool for School
Tween Scene Prettie Girls Fantasy FunTween Scene Prettie Girls Party PerfectTween Scene Prettie Girls Pajamarama

Fashion Packs

 #00. Rockstar Rage. (box front / back)
 #01. Casually Cute. (box front / back)
 #02. Cool for School. (box front / back)
 #03. Fantasy Fun. (box front / back)
 #04. Party Perfect. (box front / back)
 #05. Pajamarama. (box front / back)

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