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Zeenie Dollz

Zeenie Dollz

Zeenie Dollz, created by Hansini and Laxmi Wadhwani, describe the six doll line as vibrant eco-warriors on an environmental mission. Not only are their personalities designed to encourage kids to think about environmental issues, they truly do practice what they preach. The dolls are made of recycled materials, and even their packaging is made of biodegradable plastic.

Standing 12 inches tall, the dolls are fully articulated with ball joints and have inset acrylic eyes and rooted hair. Launched in 2012, the dolls were originally priced at $39.99 each but you can now pick them up for as little as $10 from the official website.

Zeenie Dollz Evee


Protector of Skies: 'I’m Evee™! I consider myself an independent and strong-willed girl. I love to be outside where I can watch birds in the sky. Birds are my favorite animals and I’ve always wanted to help protect them. I chose to become an eco-warrior because I got to meet a group of girls that also wanted to stand up for the environment and the animals that live there. I’m so excited to be a protector of the sky! Will you join me?'

Box Front - Box Back.

Zeenie Dollz Kazumi


Protector of Polar Regions: 'I’m Kazumi™! I would consider myself a fashionista of sorts and I also love to make people laugh. I really love arctic animals and would do anything to help them which is why I joined the Zeenie™ Dollz! With the team of eco-warriors, I am able to stand up for a cause I love and help protect the animals that live there. I’d love your help in protecting the planet’s polar regions!'

Box Front - Box Back.

Zeenie Dollz Lina


Protector of Rainforests: 'Hi, I’m Lina™! I would describe myself as kind, understanding and sweet. I love being outdoors where I can hike, swim in lakes and climb trees! Growing up I have always loved animals and the environment. I joined the Zeenie™ Dollz team because I have always wanted to do something to help our planet and protect the rainforests against the people who chop down trees and pollute. I’m making a difference and you can too!'

Box Front - Box Back.

Zeenie Dollz Sini


Protector of Farmlands & Rescued Animals: 'Sini™ here! I enjoy helping others and working at the local shelter where I am a foster care taker for the animals. I have rescued so many animals including my Australian shepherd Misty. Every animal I meet seems to take a liking to me, cats, dogs, snakes, lizards, you name it. I joined Zennia™ and the Zeenie™ Dollz to become a part of a team that fights for the environment and the animals.'

Box Front - Box Back.

Zeenie Dollz Yana


Protector of Oceans: 'Hey there, Yana™ here. I see myself as a born leader and very kind hearted person. I always have enjoyed walking around the beach and collecting samples of different shells to study. I know about every fish out there in the deep blue sea and I am fascinated by the other creatures that live underwater. I rescued my dolphin friend, Serena, from a tangled fishing line and that is what made me interested in becoming an eco-warrior. Now I get to help protect all of the sea creatures from overfishing, pollution and more! Join me in my mission to keep our oceans thriving!'

Box Front - Box Back.

Zeenie Dollz Zennia


Mother Earth: 'Hello I’m Zennia™, pleased to meet you. I am so happy that I rounded up my girls finally, I thought I would never find the girls most suitable for my job until I met those five lovely and lively young ladies. I am quite happy that they are getting along just fine. I was worried at first thinking that since they have such distinct personalities that they wouldn’t get along, but I am glad I was wrong. Each of the girls have their own personalized habitat that reflects their unique eco-cause. I designed it in such a way that each of them would be content.'

Box Front - Box Back.

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