Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Fashion Doll Guides

Fashion Doll Guides - from Bratz to Barbie and everything in between

I'm always frustrated by how difficult it is to find identification for lesser known doll brands and lines. So, here are my efforts at collating images and info from Wikis, Ebay, etc, to help aid doll collectors and other interested parties. :)

*Lines listed but not hyperlinked are upcoming posts.

★ Apne Dolls.

★ Calico Lassie (Kelloggs)

★ Chatsters (Spin Master)

★ Clueless (Mattel)

★ Cutie Pops (Jada Toys)

★ DC Superhero Girls (Mattel)

Diva Starz (Mattel)

★ DYKEdolls.

★ Earth 2 Jane (Learning Curve)

★ Enchantimals (Mattel)

★ FAD Dolls (Sababa Toys)

★ Gay Bob (Gizmo Development)

★ Heidi Ott 1:12

Hi: Glamm (Giochi Preziosi)

★ Joyful Jenny (Maple Box Kids)

★ Juku Couture (Jakks Pacific)

★ Kuu Kuu Harajuku (Mattel)

★ La Dee Da (Spin Master)

★ Little Miss Matched (Tonner)

★ Liv (Spin Master)

★ Lottie (Arklu)

★ Middle School Moguls (GenGirl Media, Inc)

★ Novi Stars (MGA)

★ Once Upon a Zombie (WowWee Toys)

★ Pinkie Cooper (Bridge Direct)

★ Playboy Fashion Dolls (Stronghold Group)

★ Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls (MGAE)

Prettie Girls / Tween Scene Prettie Girls.

★ Regal Academy (Giochi Preziosi / Auldey Toys)

★ Ruby's Diner Doll (The Ruby Restaurant Group)

★ Shibajuku Girls (Hunter Products)

★ Sindy - 2020 (Kid Kreations)

★ Sindy - 6.5 Inches (New Moons)

★ Sindy - 18 Inches (Tesco)

★ Sindy - Repro (Tonner)

★ #SNAPSTAR (Yulu Toys)

Star Darlings (Disney)

★ Star Wars: Forces of Destiny (Hasbro)

★ Stardoll by Barbie (Mattel)

Teen Trends (Mattel)

★ The Adventures of Vicky (Fabbri Publications)

The Real Model Collection (Matchbox)

★ Trailer Trash Dolls (Arsenic and Apple Pie)

★ Twilight Teens (Simba)

★ Wendy and Cheeky (Telsalda)

★ Wild Hearts Crew (Mattel)

★ WWE Superstar (Mattel)

Zeenie Dollz.

★ Zombie Girls (Jakks Pacific)

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