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La Dee Da Dolls

Complete Guide to Spin Master La Dee Da Dolls

After discontinuing Liv doll, Spin Master turned their attention to their new fashion offering, La Dee Da. Main character, Dee, teamed up with her BFFs Cyanne, Sloane and Tylie to create their own fashion label. Or so the storyline went. The dolls stood 10 inches tall with rooted hair and screened faces. They were skinny enough to be able to share dresses with Mattel's Monster High line, but were only jointed at shoulder, hip, and knee.

Launched in 2013, by the end of 2014 the brand had been discontinued. For some of the dolls that never made it past the prototype stage, check out Jaime Tracht's Coroflot. Dolls that just missed out on release included School Day Style Dee and a circus themed line.

La Dee Da City Girl

Signature Line (2013)

★ City Girl - (box front / back)

There was also a special NYC edition with extra accessories.

La Dee Da Runway Vacay

Runway Vacay (2013)

★ Dee - 'Bollywood Bright' - (box front / back)
★ Cyanne - 'Viva la France' - (box front / back)
★ Sloane - 'Safari Dreams' - (box front / back)
★ Tylie - 'Kabuki Cutie' - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Sweet Party

Sweet Party (2013). You can check out the commercial HERE.

★ Dee - 'Dots of Style' - (box front / back)
★ Cyanne - 'Peppermint Rose' - (box front / back)
★ Sloane - 'Lollipop Swirl' - (box front / back)
★ Tylie - 'Cotton Candy Crush' - (box front / back)

Cheaper versions of the dolls were sold without accessories and in less elaborate looks, packaged in smaller sweetie jar style plastic boxes: Dee (back), Cyanne (back), Sloane (back), Tylie (back).

La Dee Da Sweet Party Boxed

La Dee Da Garden Tea Party

Garden Tea Party (2013)

 Dee - 'Bee-licious' - (box front / back)
★ Cyanne - 'Sunflower Burst' - (box front / back)
★ Sloane - 'Butterfly Blast' - (box front / back)
★ Tylie - 'Ladybug Look' - (box front / back)
★ Garden Tea Party Playset - (box front / contents / back)

La Dee Da Juicy Crush
Juicy Crush (2013) 'Guess what? The La Dee Da girls got after-school jobs at a smashing smoothie bar. The uniforms were kinda boredinary, so they each designed fruity-cute new work outfits!'

★ Cyanne - 'Sweet 'n Sour' - (box front / back)
★ Dee - 'Watermelon Mist' - (box front / back)
★ Sloane - 'Tropical Twist' - (box front / back)
★ Tylie - 'Grape Shake-Up' - (box front / back)

A second wave of Juicy Crush dolls were planned for 2014.

★ Cyanne - 'Peach Mango Glow' - (box front / back)
★ Dee - 'Strawberry Kiwi Cutie' - (box front / back)
★ Sloane - 'Fruit Punch Party' - (box front / back)
★ Tylie - 'Pomegranate Berry Bliss' - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Juicy Crush Wave 2

La Dee Da Fairytale Dance

Fairytale Dance (2013)

★ Dee - 'Frog Princess' - (box front / back)
★ Cyanne - 'Rapunzel' - (box front / back)
★ Sloane - 'Little Red Riding Hood' - (box front / back)
★ Tylie - 'Snow Queen' - (box front / back)
★ Prancie - 'Fashion Stallion' - (box front / back)
★ Dee and Prancie - 'Cinderella and Prancie' - (box front / back)

The promo image below had quite a few differences with the actual product, not least Prancie's hair becoming pink in the interim! For more detail, check out a review of the Toys 'r' Us exclusive double set at the Toy Box Philosopher.

La Dee Da Cinderella and Prancie

I Love Le Bun

I Love Le Bun - (box front / back)

Le Bun was the line's only small pet, and as such was spoiled with a wide variety of fashions:

La Dee Da Le Bun

★ Le Bun Safari Dreams - (box front / back)
★ Le Bun Sweet Party - (box front / back)
★ Le Bun Top Hat and Tails - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Le Bun Dog

★ Le Bun Bee Deluxe - (box front / back)
★ Le Bun Dork Dog - (box front / back)
★ Le Bun Hot-Doggin Picnic - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Ribbon Salon

Ribbon Salon Playset and Doll (2014) - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Art Show CyanneLa Dee Da Pop Art Dee

Art Show (2014)

★ Cyanne - 'Art Show' - (box front / back)
★ Dee - 'Pop Art' - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Fashion Pack

★ Girls' Night Out - (box front / back)
★ Hula Rock - (box front / back)
★ Kickin' Picnic - (box front / back)
★ Sailor Made - (box front / back)

La Dee Da Fashion Packs

★ Design to Shine - (box front / back)
★ School Cool - (box front / back)
★ Sugar Coated - (box front / back)

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  1. Love these! Too bad they were discontinued so soon.

  2. I really hope La dee da comes back someday like Bratz and Monster High have to continue their brand and release the dolls they had planned!


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