Friday, 3 May 2019

Mini Mart: MitchyMooMiniatures

MitchyMooMiniatures Glasses

Supplier: MitchyMooMiniatures
Website: Etsy Store.

Products: I have long been in awe of the MitchyMooMiniatures blog - needless to say my own DIY attempts do not look the same! - and as I was browsing Etsy one day the store popped up in the items I might be interested in section. True to scale 1/12 coat hangers? I was there.

MitchyMooMiniatures on Etsy

I ended up getting coat hangers, tiny nail polish and remover (the lid comes off the polish!), an extension cable, and three pairs of teeny laser cut glasses. I've seen other people selling these for £20 a pair, so at £1.75 each I was more than pleased. The quality of the items is awesome - just as I expected it would be.

MitchyMooMiniatures and Re-ment Pose Skeleton

Post and Packing: £3.45 for six items and, iirc, I had a little refunded too.

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