Wednesday, 15 May 2019

New Civic Year

Yesterday was the AGM for Torfaen Council - and it was kind of like a nightmare come to life! The regular full council meeting was pushed back to 10:30am instead of 10:00am. Because that was when the AGM was being held. Except in my head the whole thing was starting at 10:30 so I didn't get there until 10:15.

I'm still not over the moment of awful realisation that I was late for a meeting I was supposed to be chairing!

Once I actually got there and took over from Norma, the meeting itself was fine. I had already been re-elected as chair which was a great act of faith from everyone involved. I was also re-elected as chair of the children and young people overview and scrutiny committee. It means a lot to be trusted with it, but it's also a big weight off my shoulders for the coming year - I'm still the only one in work atm.

Anthony is keeping busy at least, and tonight Marianna and I went to see him take over as Chair at Cwmbran Community Council. He totally stole a line from my speech last year though! Still, here's to another year of being out and about at civic events. :)

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