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Founded in 2004 by Stephanie Perdomo off the back of her Master's thesis on the under-representation of lesbians in popular culture, DYKEdolls had two lines - 12 inch dolls aimed at adults, and 4 inch action figures aimed at children.

Dyke Dolls

Bobbie Dolls

★ Diesel Dyke - box front / back.
★ Bobbie Rockabilly - box front / back.
★ Doc Holliday - box front / back.

The Bobbie dolls retailed for $49.95 each, or $65 for the doll plus accessories consisting of a dildo with harness and a vibrator. Alas, the website is another Flash monstrosity mostly lost to the mists of time, but you could also buy a few accessories for your dolls:

★ Leather Harness with Dildo ($19.95).
★ Leather T-back with Dildo ($19.95).
★ Vibrator ($10).
★ Bobbie Briefs and Tee ($10).

Dyke Dolls Add Ons

With regards to their sense of style, Perdomo told the New York Times: ''I have this theory that lesbians start certain fashion things,'' said Stephanie Perdomo, the creator of a new collection of action figures called Dykedolls, which will be sold on the Internet starting in July. ''I used to go around Williamsburg and see guys wearing wifebeaters, wallet chains, gas station shirts and trucker hats, and I would think, 'We used to do that five years ago.'"

Dyke Dolls Baby Dykes

Baby Dykes

These mini figures stood 4 inches tall and retailed for $11 each. Although the packaging advertised eight figures, I'm only certain of four actually being produced.

★ Badness (blue) - box front / back.
★ Badness (green) - box front / back.
★ Kelly, Christine and Little Soo Jin - box front / back.
★ Jessy - box front / back.

I found these images on a current ebay listing:

Baby Dykes BadnessBaby Dykes Badness Green Version
Baby Dykes Kelly Christine and Little Soo JinBaby Dykes Jessy

For more like this, please click the image below:

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