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Get Real Girl Dolls

Get Real Girl Dolls

Launched in time for Christmas 2000, Get Real Girl offered a serious alternative to the fashion dolls available at the time. The problem was convincing retailers that people would be willing to shell out cold hard cash for that something that wasn't all weddings, princesses, and multiple shades of lipstick. Although they enjoyed strong online sales, relatively speaking, the toy aisle still ruled supreme in the early 2000s. They never really got the support they deserved, and by summer 2003 even their website was defunct. 

The company was originally co-founded by entrepreneur Michael Cookson, toy designer Juls Chavez  who had already racked up 15 years in the business working for the likes of Galoob and Mattel, and former model Cynthia Aadal. In 2017 Shona Gupta and Michael Cookson ran a kickstarter campaign in an attempt to relaunch the brand:

"We wanted an action figure that empowers girls ages 4-8. We set out to create one that inspires activity, adventure, and diversity for today’s girls. We think girls should always have more and better choices that embody healthy, active lifestyles and positive self-esteem. So we decided to reimagine a series of action figures that encourage girls to be true to themselves and engage with positive, female role models through play.

We’re reinventing the Get Real Girl line (first introduced before its time) for today’s parents and kids: Four action figures from different continents, that play different sports, and have their own passports and their own travel adventures. They have realistic proportions, authentic sports clothes and gear, and are fully-articulated, so the girls can stand on their own two feet and kick a soccer ball or shoot a basket.

...Get Real Girl is about sparking the imagination and engagement in sport through play - an important factor that drives the proven, direct correlation between girls’ participation in sports and better outcomes later in life. We want to promote healthy, active lifestyles and positive self-esteem through our alternative action figures and their stories."

Sadly, it didn't gain enough traction for the kind of investment needed, and then Mattel stomped all over them with the announcement of their new diverse body types and full articulation. If you see them on the secondhand market though they're still well worth picking; the quality and attention to detail is extremely impressive for playline.

The original dolls were designed by Lisa Whitsett - you can check out the original drawings on her Behance.

Get Real Girl Dolls

★ Corey Surfing Adventure - box front / box back.
★ Nini Backpacking Adventure - box front / box back.
★ Nakia Basketball Adventure - box front / box back.
★ Claire Scuba Diving Adventure - box front / box back.
Skylar Snowboarding Adenture - box front / box back.

The first wave of dolls were also sold through Avon in plainer packaging, like so:

Get Real Girl Avon

A number of new dolls were showcased at 2001 toy fairs. There were to be two guys joining the line, surfer Jack and skateboarder Piersin.

Get Real Girl Jack Surfing AdventureGet Real Girl Piersin Skateboarding Adventure

Two new girls would also have joined the line up, skateboarder Zoe and volleyball player Kadin. There were also plans for multiple accessory packs and sports equipment. Unfortunately, only three other dolls actually made it into production:

★ Nini Baseball Adventure - box front / box back.
★ Corey Swimming Adventure - box front / box back.

Get Real Girl Dolls 2001

Get Real Girls Gear Fashion Packs

Four fashion packs were also produced for the line in 2001.

★ Cruisin' Gear - box front / box back.
★ Groovin' Gear - box front / box back.
★ Hangin' Gear - box front / box back.
★ Urban Gear - box front / box back.

Get Real Girl Dolls Promo Image

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  1. I had one. A soccer player. We moved. I lost it. Still haven't found her. Sigh.


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