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Trailer Trash Dolls

Trailer Trash Dolls

Arsenic and Apple Pie unleashed their first three creations on the world in 1999. In 2004 the company attracted a lot of media attention for their upcoming release 'Trash Talkin' Turleen' which lead to the re-release of earlier doll Trailer Trash, and another talking addition in Jer Wayne Junior.

Here's the 'About' blurb from their website in 2005:

Arsenic & Apple Pie has enjoyed an established track-record of excellent support and service from our loyal customers and accounts since 1998. Our story begins in December 1996, doctored dolls made by a famous doll toy maker began to show up in the store windows of retailer Injeanious, based in San Francisco, California. It was here that the first Trailer Trash Doll was introduced and formulated. The dolls were an instant hit and in time the store offices were flooded by phone calls from all over the world. To make a long story short, a major toy maker caught wind of this due to media coverage on a national and local level and took legal action to stop the production of the dolls. 
In 1999 Arsenic & Apple Pie was formed and we began the process of designing our own dolls, having them manufactured for us to our specifications. The First Edition Trailer Trash Doll was introduced to rave reviews worldwide along with the ever popular blonde and red head Drag Queen Dolls. This was followed in August, 1999 with the development of our website and on-line catalogue, In May 2003, our Second Edition Trailer Trash Doll was introduced with a positive response. 
Fast forward to 2004 as Arsenic and Apple Pie rolls out our exciting new website and catalogue featuring new games, pictures, accessories, and T-shirts. In November 2004, our new talking, pregnant Trailer Trash Doll, Trash Talkin' Turleen finally arrived with an overwhelming response! Check her out now on the Doll pages and send a postcard to your friends! In 2005 we expect things to be as exciting as ever as we introduce new novelty items and new dolls!  This includes two new talking bottle openers featuring the voices of Turleen and her son Bubba Jr.  This summer we will welcome our long anticipated new talking, male, mullet Trailer Trash Doll Bubba Jr. in his first edition!  We welcome you back home to the place on the "web" for all that is "trashy" and fun!

Trailer Trash Blonde Drag QueenTrailer Trash Redhead Drag Queen Doll

★ Drag Queen (blonde) - box front / back.
★ Drag Queen (red) - box front / back. [Limited edition of 2500]
★ Trailer Trash - box front / back.

These three dolls were released in 1999 and originally retailed for $29.95 each, but by 2002 the website had dropped the price down to $19.95.

Trailer Trash First Edition Doll

Trailer Trash Second Edition Doll

★ Trailer Trash - box front / back.

Second edition of Trailer Trash, 2004.

Trash Talkin Turleen Doll

★ Trash Talkin Turleen - original box front / back.

Turleen was released in October 2004. In 2006 the website announced that Turleen was now available in a 'patriotic' red, white and blue box (pictured above). When you pressed Turleen's tummy she said one of five phrases:

 - "Look out it's a twister!"
 - "Pour me a double, i'm drinkin' fer two!"
 - "If the trailer's a rockin', don't come a knockin'!"
 - "Bubba Junior, get off yer sister!"
 - Belch + Laugh.

Jer Wayne Junior Trailer Trash Doll

★ Jer Wayne Junior - box front / back.

Jer Wayne was the last Trailer Trash doll, released in September 2006 and retailing for $32.95. If you pressed Jer Wayne's stomach he said one of five phrases:

 - "Fifteen of them beers and yer still ugly!"
 - "Fer the last time we aint' havin' no yard sale!"
 - "I'm fixin' to yer double-wide daddy!"
 - "Taint' nohtin' sadder than a double-wide with no beer!"
 - "Honest, I'm not lyin' through my tooth!"

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  1. absolutely hilarious! Today on Facebook I commented that Ebay had sent me a message to tell me (a beardy bloke) that I could get 15% off a Barbie Princess. I observed that they had clearly got their targeting algorithm fine tuned, and a friend said maybe it knew me better than they did, to which another added a link to one of these Trailer Trash Dolls on Ebay. Never come across them before, but a quick search brought up your blog.

    We never stop learning. Absolutely hilarious that someone put so much effort into these, not least of all because of the objections of a major doll manufacturer :)


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