Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Hello Molly!

Molly the Jack Chi

It's been six weeks already since Bracken had to be put to sleep - and just over four years since I was writing her a welcome post of her own - but even though nothing can replace her, the gaping dog shaped hole in all our lives had to be filled somehow.

So here's hello to Molly, an eleven week old Chihuahua and Jack Russell cross. She's so cute! And lively. Molly is definitely no shrinking violet; she came in and laid claim to the place. I foresee these two becoming close partners in crime...

Molly the Dog
Marianna and Molly

After tiring herself out she got into her basket, curled up, and went straight to sleep. ...No doubt to plot out a whole new day of mischief!

Sleeping Jack Chi Puppy

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