Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Japan Candy Box

Japan Candy Box Ice Cream and Sunshine

We've tried Japan Candy Box a few times over the years; first back in November 2015, and then again last June. They're always so much fun and we were really looking forward to this month's box. Marianna is still pretty fussy when it comes to trying new things, but she was super excited to open the box and see all the bright colours and, to her credit, she gave everything a go.


This month's theme was Japanese Ice Cream Snacks, and the box contained:

★ Picola Coconut Milk Straws. I really liked these - but Marianna liked them more. I did not get to go back for a second helping!

★ Lotte Crunky Crunch Ice Cream Chocolate Bar. Okay, so I have to admit I was dubious but, omg, this really did taste exactly like vanilla ice cream. It was so good!

★ Ramune Grape Soda Candy. 10/10. I think these were Anthony's favourite.

★ Fizzy Grape Ramune Ball. It was too sour for everyone!

★ Tohato Anpanman Potato Snacks. Just a plain savoury snack, yum.

Babiafi reviews Japan Candy Box

★ Calbee Cheese Bit Corn Snacks. They tasted exactly like Quavers. :)

★ Yaokin Colorful Baby's Marshmallows. As sweet as they were cute.

★ Mr. Ito Mini Chocochip Cookies Mint. I'm not a big fan of mint so these were just too much for me.

★ Tohato Bino Bold and Hard Salted Edamame Snacks. These were my favourite; I could have eaten a box full of them.

#JapanCandyBox Review

Nobody else got a look in at the final item, Strawberry Soft Ice Cream Marshmallow, because Marianna - disguised as a My Little Pony - claimed it for herself the moment the box was opened!

Have you tried any of these? What did you think of them?

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