Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Ten Must Read Doll Blogs

Ten Must Read Dolls Blogs

Black Doll Collecting Blog

Black Doll Collecting, run by Debbie Behan Garrett, is the place to go for info on Black dolls of all kinds.

Littlest Sweet Shop

I've yet to see anything at the Littlest Sweet Shop that I don't want to own... One day I'll come into some spare cash and put in an absolutely humungous order! Until that day I'll just follow the blog and marvel at all the new creations.

For more miniature envy, I particularly like Modern Mini Houses and Mitchy Moo Miniatures, and then exploring the links on their blog rolls. :)

My Froggy Stuff Blog

Who doesn't love My Froggy Stuff? MFS teaches you how to craft your own playscale clothes, accessories, furniture, buildings... Just about anything and everything really!

Papusile Mele Blog
Ada is a Barbie collector from Romania who occasionally posts about other brands. Her blog, Papusile Mele, is great for keeping track of upcoming Barbie releases.

Another great blog for keeping up with Barbie's latest is Dutch Fashion Doll World.

Planet of the Dolls Blog

A different doll is showcased every day - I've learned about so many weird and wonderful doll lines from Planet of the Dolls!

She's Fantastic Blog

The dividing line between doll and action figure is much contested, but this blog reviewing female action figures is still a must see for dolls fans. She's Fantastic is brilliant for judging whether a figure is worth getting for heads, hands, accessories, or the simple potential to remove as much plastic clothing *shudder* as possible.

Shimmy Shim Blog

If you're into Sindy dolls, the name Shimmy Shim is probably already familiar to you. The blog is a great resource for info and tips on Sindy and other vintage British dolls. (The other must visit site for Sindy fans is Our Sindy Museum.)

The Toy Ark Blog

Toy Ark is the place to go to hear about all the cool new action figure releases. (Your bank balance will not thank you...)

The Toy Box Philosopher Blog

The sadly defunct Toy Box Philosopher is still a wonderful archive of in-depth photo reviews of both playline and collector dolls.

Veni Vidi Dolli Blog

Veni Vidi Dolli offers regular and thorough reviews of new playline releases.

If you're still hankering after more dolly goodness, here are another twenty blogs worth checking out:

★ A Philly Collector of Playscale Dolls and Action Figures.
★ Awesome Toy Blog.
★ Collecting Fashion Dolls by Terri Gold.
★ Confessions of a Doll Collector's Daughter.
★ Desperately Seeking Dolls.
★ Doll Edition.
★ Dolls, Dolls, Dolls.
★ Fashion Doll Stylist.
★ Fig Stop.
★ I Luv Dolls.
★ Inside the Fashion Doll Studio.
★ Lena Loves Dolls.
★ Life in Plastic.
★ Museum of Working Miniatures.
★ One Sixth Avenue.
★ Petalina Dolls.
★ Ruby Lane.
★ The Dolly Insider.
★ The One Sixth Scale Dollhouse.
★ Toy Haven.

For more like this, please click the image below:

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