Monday, 1 July 2019

Wild Hearts Crew

Wild Hearts Crew Dolls

'Celebrating those that wear their heart on their sleeves, the Wild Hearts Crew is a sisterhood of girls challenging everyone, everywhere to #DareToBeDifferent.'

Mattel's latest fashion doll line are officially launching as a Walmart exclusive this July, though some stores have already started putting them out on the shelves. I'm super excited for this line; it's bright, colourful, and I love the range of fully articulated body shapes. Now we just have to wait for them to be available in the UK...


★ Cori Cruize - box front / back.
★ Charlie Lake - box front / back.
★ Jacy Masters - box front / back.
★ Rallee Radmore - box front / back.
★ Kenna Roswell - box front / back. There's a review up at Veni Vidi Dolli.

The dolls retail for $14.97 each.

Mattel Wild Hearts Crew Dolls

Board To Be Bad Wild Hearts Crew Fashion PackKool Thing Wild Hearts Crew Fashion Pack

Fashion Packs

★ Board To Be Bad - box front / contents / back.
★ Kool Thing - box front / contents / back.
★ Punkie Pizza Party - box front / contents / back.
★ Skaters Gotta Skate - box front / contents / back.

Punkie Pizza Party Wild Hearts Crew Fashion PackSkaters Gotta Skate Wild Hearts Crew Fashion Pack
Wild Hearts Crew Decked OutWild Hearts Crew Good to Game

★ Decked Out - box front / contents / back.
★ Good to Game - box front / contents / back.
★ Radically Retro - box front / contents / back.
★ Retro Hero - box front / contentsback.

Wild Hearts Crew Radically RetroWild Hearts Crew Retro Hero

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