Monday, 12 August 2019

Broken Toy Recycling

Broken Toy Recycling

I've been bitten by the environmental bug! Basically, broken toys are recyclable. If we provide the facilities. Sure, in a perfect world, we wouldn't be making and buying plastic toys in the first place. But the world isn't perfect and, right now, I want to see the UK taking action to save broken toys from landfill.

Here's the text of my form letter I've been sending out:

I am writing to ask about broken toy recycling.

Toys in good condition can be reused and donated, and I think people are generally aware of where they can do this in their local area. When a toy reaches the end of its life however it almost invariably ends up in general waste headed for landfill.

But the constituent parts of toys can be recycled. In the USA toy companies Hasbro and MGAE have launched recycling schemes with Terracycle, whereby consumers can send back the relevant brands' toys to be broken apart and recycled. This material is then used to make things like benches for children’s play areas.

Within Europe there are companies like Eco Birdy ( who recycle toys to make plastic furniture for children. Although I’ve reached out to toy shops and manufacturers across the UK, none of them currently have such a recycling scheme in place.

Terracycle UK offer the service, but the price is prohibitive for individuals. (

I would ask that you look into working with companies that produce and sell toys in the UK to consider making such a scheme available, and to work with local authorities and public institutions like schools and libraries to provide public collection points for broken toys - as well as education on what happens to them afterwards.

Yours sincerely,
Jessica Powell


Jessica Powell

NP44 1QN

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