Wednesday, 7 August 2019

If Dan Can, You Can!

Dan Can

I'm working on a post on recycling and was a bit sad by he lack of Dan Can on the internet. Torfaen Council website has his comic strips linked in PDF format, but I figured I'd re-upload here as images to aid in google searches.

1 Dan Can, Torfaen Council Recycling Mascot
2 Torfaen Dan Can the Super Recycler
3 Torfaen Dan Can the Rubbish Environmentalist
4 Torfaen Dan Can Environmental Education Resources
5 Torfaen Dan Can Recycling for Children
6 Torfaen Dan Can and Candy Carton the Green Queen
7 Torfaen Dan Can and the evil Polly Styrene
8 Torfaen Dan Can and Battery Acid Bob
9 Cwmbran Dan Can and Rechargeable Batteries
10 Dan Can Super Recycler at Cwmbran Boating Lake
11 Torfaen Dan Can Reduce Reuse Recycle
12 Torfaen Dan Can and the Super Villain Chuckaway
13 Blaenavon Dan Can the Recycling Man
14 Torfaen Recycling with Dan Can the Super Recycler
15 Torfaen Dan Can and the Black Recycling Box
16 Torfaen Dan Can and Bee Pollination
17 Torfaen Dan Can and Christmas Recycling

There are also printable colouring sheets of all the main characters:

 Dan Can (transparent png)
 Battery Acid Bob (png)
 Billy Bottle (png)
 Candy Carton (png)
 Chuckaway (png)
 Plastic Bagator (png)
 Polly Styrene (png)
 Queen Green (png)

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