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Schultüte - aka Start School with a Kindercone!

Schultüte - aka Start School with a Kindercone!

I stumbled across the concept of Schultüte while randomly googling for info on schooling around the world. It's a German tradition dating back to the 1810s, whereby children are given a Schultüte (lit. School Bag) on their first day at school. The idea is that it 'sweetens' what can be a frightening time with the help of sweets, chocolate, and all manner of little bits and bobs from stocking filler toys to practical stationery.

In Germany you can buy Schultüte - or Kindercones as they tend to be known in English speaking areas - ready made in the shops; either as an empty cone to fill yourself, or even ready filled. As with most traditions, commercialism is rife and parents can find themselves spending upwards of €100. I thought the idea was super cute, but living in the UK and being a devout cheapskate I determined to go the old school route and make one myself.

What You Need:

★ Large rectangle of paper, card, etc.
★ Sticky tape.
★ Crepe paper.
★ Ribbon.
★ Sweets, small toys, etc.

(I stocked up on toys from WowTastic - they have tons of stocking filler/party bag type stuff, and free UK delivery if you spend £10 or over.)

Schultüte can be really simple, or really elaborate, with all kinds of decorations. I checked out a few blog guides suggesting using wallpaper or taping sheets of craft card together, but I was lucky to have the perfect material on hand - a huge laminated map of Europe I got for free from the UK EDIC (Europe Direct Information Centre), which sends out EU publications. It's educational and decorative. And will make a great playmat for play-doh and the like. :)

With that taped into the shape of a cone I lined it with some colourful crepe paper I saved from other purchases, then filled it up with toys and sweets. All I need to do now is add some more crepe paper and tie it up, then give it to Marianna on Tuesday morning!


ETA - the big day!

Schultüte - aka Start School with a Kindercone!

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