Saturday, 3 August 2019

Sindy is Back!

Kid Kreations Sindy Dolls
Photo Credit: Rachel Godfrey Scott.

Okay, so it's hardly the first attempt at a Sindy revival. Tesco has been producing an 18 inch version of Sindy since 2016, albeit one that looks nothing like the original dolls, and before that Tonner released a small line of Sindy dolls and clothing in 2014/15 aimed at collectors. The Tonner dolls were pretty and well made but relatively difficult - and overly expensive - to get hold of in the UK. Which was a problem given that the UK is basically the only market interested in a vintage look Sindy...

With that in mind UK based toy company Kid Kreations - the guys behind lines like Tiny Treasures and DesignaFriend - are set to have a bash of their own at bringing Sindy back to the toy aisles. Their plans were the big reveal at this year's Dollycon UK held on July 27th. Victoria Tombs designed the outfits which both look great and pay homage to the original 60s Sindy, and Rachel Godfrey Scott created the prototypes.

(Apparently the actual dolls will have articulated bodies! I'm so excited to see what they'll look like; Mattel's 'made to move' bodies are my gold standard at the moment.)

Kid Kreations Weekender Sindy

Kid Kreations have yet to produce a full press release, but early announcements suggest a February 2020 release date, with the dolls aimed at the collectors' market rather than general playline. Their proposed price point is £80, with each doll being a limited edition of 4,000 pieces.

I love how hard Kid Kreations are working to recreate the whole Sindy feel with them. If you collect all six dolls their boxes will create a union jack backdrop, as well as having six tokens you can send off for a solid silver Sindy charm bracelet. ♥

★ Sleepy Time.
★ City Chic.
★ Country Chic.
★ Dream Date.
★ Shopping Look.

I'll update this post with more info and images as and when they become available.

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